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Check Out These Most Shocking Matches In The History Of FIFA World Cup

The Underdogs Knocked Out The Big Egos

Shocking World Cup Match resultsvia

4. West Germany VS Hungary (1954)

Shocking World Cup Match results

On 4 July 1954, Hungary had a match against West German. West Germany was the underdog in the contest. Their fate was predicted. Hungary grabbed the early 2 goal lead and everyone knew they will continue punishing the underdogs. However, until the end of the final whistle, West Germany scored 3 goals and made the score 3-2.


5. Scotland VS Netherland (1978)

Shocking World Cup Match results

Back in 1978, Scotland handed over an upset to Netherland. The Dutch got the lead in the 35th minute. But Scotland equalized in the 45th minute. After that, they scored a couple of more goals and made the score 3-1. The Dutch tried to make a comeback but could only score one goal and lost the match.


6. Uruguay VS Brazil (1950)

Shocking World Cup Match results

The fan favorite Brazil secured the lead in the 47th minute of the game. However, Uruguay equalized in the 66th minute. Later on, they scored again and turn the match into their favor. The underdogs left everyone stunned with their victory. It was one of the most Shocking match-results of all time.

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