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Check Out These Most Shocking Matches In The History Of FIFA World Cup

The Underdogs Knocked Out The Big Egos

Shocking World Cup Match resultsvia

7. Cameroon VS Argentina (1990)

Shocking World Cup Match results

On 8 June 1990, Argentina and Cameroon collided. Everyone had a thought that Argentina will be all over Cameroon. However, the results were unexpected. In the 61st minute, Andre Kana Biyik of Cameroon was shown the red card. Still, Cameroon managed to score in the 67th minute and got the decisive lead against defending champions.


8. Netherlands VS Spain (2014)

Shocking World Cup Match results

The defending champions, Spain had all eyes on them in FIFA world cup 2014. Both Spain and the Netherlands collided in the world cup final of 2010. In 2014, it was the chance for Spain to add insult to the injuries. However, the results were unexpected as the Dutch mopped got a 5-1 victory against Spain.


9. South Korea VS Italy (2002)

Shocking World Cup Match results

In world cup 2002, Italy faced South Korea in the round of 16. It was a knockout fixture. Italy had their moment of celebration when they scored in the 18th minute. The South Korean team scored a late goal (88 minutes) and revived their hope. The match went to the extra time and South Korea ended up winning it as they scored another goal in the second half of the extra time.


10. Bulgaria VS Germany (1994)

Shocking Matches

Germany was the favorite to win the contest. They got the lead in the 48th minute. However, Bulgaria scored two back to back goals to snatch the lead and the match away from Germany. It was one of the biggest upsets in the history.

What do you think about these matches? Which match in FIFA 2018 has the most Shocking match-results so far? Share in the comments.

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