What Is The Salary Of Members Of Parliament And What Perks Do They Get? Find Out

Salary Of Members Of Parliament

June 4, 2024, was the date when the results of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 were announced. The world saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi scripting history by becoming the Prime Minister of India for the third time. The BJP-led NDA (National Democratic Alliance) won the elections by securing more than 239 seats. Well, post-elections, the new members of Parliament have already been selected by the citizens of India. The majority votes given to different candidates in each constituency decide who will be the official member of the parliament. But have you ever wondered what incentives and perks the newly elected MPs enjoy? What salary do they receive in return for their service? Continue reading to find out the salary, perks, and allowances enjoyed by the Members of Parliament.


Who Are Members Of Parliament?

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Well, before we dive into the salaries offered to the Members of Parliament, we ought to know who are members of Parliament. An MP is a nominated member of either the upper house or the lower house of the Parliament. He/She serves on behalf of the constituency he/she is representing. A Member of Parliament works at a central level. An MP of Lok Sabha is directly elected by the public.  In the recent Lok Sabha elections different MPs have been chosen by the public.


Inside The Earnings Of MPs

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Well, an MP receives a basic salary of 1 Lakh per month. They also receive daily allowances and salary increments every five years. For those who wonder about the figure of 100000 for the MPs, this figure was decided after the pay hike in 2018. The aim behind it was to align the salaries of MPs with the increasing cost of living. As per the Salary, Allowances and Pension of Members of Parliament (Amendment) Act, 2010, the salary also entails the pay of rupees 50,000 per month.

Allowances And Other Perks

Well, apart from the basic pay of salary, Members of Parliament of India also receive other allowances and perks. The allowances enjoyed by an MP are divided into different categories:

Daily Allowances

MPs are provided with a daily allowance of rupees 2000 to attend parliamentary sessions, as well as to pay other expenses such as lodging, food, etc.

Constituency Allowance

MPs receive a monthly constituency allowance of rupees 70,000 to defray expenses linked to office maintenance and constituent engagements in their electoral regions.

Travel Allowance

Well, the job of an MP includes traveling from one place to the other to serve the people, hence, they also receive travel allowances which further ease their job. They receive free first-class train travel for professional and personal reasons.

Members of Parliament get up to 34 free domestic flight trips per year. This is also applicable to their close family members.

Housing And Accommodation Allowances

During their five-year terms, MPs are provided with rent-free housing in prominent locations. Depending on their seniority/positions, they may be assigned bungalows, flats, or hostel rooms. Those members who prefer not to use official accommodation may claim a monthly housing payment of rupees 200000.


Other Benefits

The Members of Parliament are given perks such as free electricity up to 50, 000 units and free water up to 4000 kilolitres every year. They also enjoy free internet services at their office workplaces and residences. Every year, Members of Parliaments are given up to 150000 free phone calls. Additionally, under the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS), free medical service is available to MPs and their close family members. This covers treatment received at private as well as government hospitals. MPs earn rupees 60,000 monthly for office expenses which entails stationary and telephone staff pay and other related expenses.

Former MPs earn a monthly pension of Rs 25000 after serving one term in the Parliament. They get a monthly raise of Rs 2000 for each additional year of service.

These are the perks offered to the Members of Parliament? Share this information with your friends and let them also know about the same.

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