Watch: Nitish Kumar Pledges Loyalty To Narendra Modi “I Will Be With PM Modi Always”

Nitish Kumar Takes Jibe At Indi Bloc

In an amazing development, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has pledged faithful support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, leaving his former allies in the INDI opposition bloc stunned. The dramatic shift came only months before the pivotal Lok Sabha elections, highlighting the consistently changing dynamics of Indian Politics.


Nitish Kumar’s Bold Move

At a new meeting of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance’s recently elected MPs, Nitish Kumar formally supported Narendra Modi for a third term as Prime Minister. This endorsement was more than a custom; it was a clear message to his critics and former allies in the INDIA bloc. ” I will be with PM at all times,” stated Kumar, dismissing theories about one more political U-turn.


Taking A Jibe At INDIA Bloc

Kumar didn’t keep down his criticism of the INDIA bloc, which he helped form but deserted recently. He also accused and blamed the group for failing to add to the nation’s development. Therefore the whole idea is to create stress that his decision to support the BJP was in the country’s wellbeing. This decision comes in reports that the INDIA bloc, despite their unforeseen electoral gains, had reached with Kumar with at least some expectations of a reunion.


Key Kingmaker In The New Political Scene

Chandrababu Naidu

With the BJP slightly missing the mark regarding majority places of 272 seats, securing just 240, Nitish Kumar’s JDU and Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP have arisen as kingmakers. Their combined 28 seats are pivotal for the BJP to shape and run the government. The buzz around an expected reunion with the INDIA bloc escalated when senior leaders, including Uddhav Thackeray, suggested expressing a desire for peace to Kumar.


Negotiations And Demands

Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar has revealed that the JDU has spread out its demands to the BJP. Thus including two cabinet posts and a junior Union Minister berth. The coveted Railways Minister position, recently held by Kumar, is likewise on their list of things to get. Despite these negotiations, Kumar has kept a strategic silence, energizing further speculation.


Modi’s Jab At Congress

In the meantime, Narendra Modi went after the opposition. Also mocking the Congress party for consistently failing to cross the 100-seat mark in the last three Lok Sabha elections. As Modi plans to be sworn in for his third term as Prime Minister. Therefore the political landscape of India keeps on being as eccentric as could be expected.

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