Watch: Aditi Sharma, A Voiceover Artist Impresses The World With Her Exceptional Skills

Aditi Sharma Voice Artist

The internet in today’s world is home to creativity, talent, endless possibilities, and skills. People around the world upload their work showcasing their art and skills on the internet. Recently, a voiceover artist impressed the world with her exceptional mimicking skills. In a viral video, the artist Aditi Sharma can be seen mimicking the Delhi Metro announcement and other famous ads. Continue reading to know more about the same.


Aditi Sharma, A Voiceover Artist

Aditi Sharma Voice Artist
Aditi Sharma/Instagram

A viral video on Instagram has left people surprised. A voiceover artist named Aditi Sharma posted a video on her Instagram page. The clip begins with Aditi mimicking IVR and she goes on to voice the Delhi Metro Announcement, Bournvita Advertisement, Garnier Advertisement, and Google Maps. The audience in the viral video is impressed, surprised, and entertained and so is the world. The artist is a Mumbai-based actor. Have a look at her incredible skills:


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Aditi Sharma receives applause and cheers from her audience. Captioning her post with, “Hey Alexa, let’s do a collab reel together!”, Aditi posted the reel on Instagram, which went viral in no time. The reel has secured more than 55 million views – and counting.


Aditi Sharma’s Voiceover Skills Impresses Everyone


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A post shared by Aditi Sharma (@aditi9sharma)

Many Instagram users reacted to Aditi’s reel. The users loved her skills and are still in surprise. People find it hard to believe that it’s Aditi’s voice. One of the users commented that he now knows who trains AI (Artificial Intelligence).  Apart from common users, many verified artists acknowledged her talent and appreciated her skills. Users also compared her voice with Alexa and were in awe to discover the similarity. Aditi was also called the human form of Alexa in the comments, which after her talent discovery does feel real.

Aren’t you surprised by Aditi Sharma’s unparalleled skill? Well, I am sure you are. Aditi Sharma, you are a gifted artist. Keep entertaining and keep inspiring.

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