Ryuji Imai – The Child Prodigy Will Make Your Head Spin With His Skills

Ryuji Imai the child prodigyvia

Way back in 2015, the world was introduced to 5-year-old Ryusei “Ryuji” Imai when he impeccably recreated Bruce Lee’s Nunchuk scene from Game of Death. Not only did Ryuji Imai nail the scene, he even got the wardrobe part perfect right down to the yellow jumpsuit. Watch and be amazed…

Nunchuck Posing Ryuji Imai

I’m not sure if you guys remember that internet sensation “little Hercules” from a few years back. He was a child bodybuilder of sorts. I think the kid was like 9 and he was more ripped than most adults. There was a lot of controversy over him simply because of the rigorous workouts his father was making him do. The internet hasn’t seen a little kid this ripped since….until now.

Ryuji Imai Posing

Ryusei Ryuji Imai – a 7-year-old Bruce Lee fan – has gained a sizable following on Facebook and Instagram with his slick training videos and martial arts moves. Imai — often dubbed the ‘mini-Bruce Lee’ — first became an international sensation when he managed to match Bruce Lee’s nunchuck skills move-by-move in 2015.

Ryuji Imai doing a Full split

Ryuji Imai is now 7 years old and is ripped as ever. Thankfully Imai isn’t the same kind of kid as “little Hercules” in that he’s not a bodybuilder. Have a look at a video of him performing stunts done by Bruce Lee.

Imai is just obsessed with Bruce Lee and has become so chiselled because he loves to learn martial arts and is constantly perfecting his moves. Anyway, since the video of him being five and stunning the world with his Bruce Lee impression, he’s gotten quite ripped. Will you believe if we tell you that there is a person who can cut the running bullet into half? You will not, right? Check this article with video inside, you will definitely believe that Superhuman exists. Also there are many people in the world with superhuman abilities and you will love to known about them.