Isao Machii Is The Super Human Of This Time


The most popular super human on earth is Issao Machii. He owns some raelly unbelievable skills, which you have to see to believe. So, don’t miss out the video included by us in the article.

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Born on August 20th, 1973, Isao comes from Kawanishi, Japan. He has number of Guinness World Records in his account related to his celerity with his own sword.

His one record is related to the most sword cuts to straw mats within 3 minutes, which is 252. 

In the below shared video, you can view his incredible act of cutting the pellet which is travelling at 200 MPH.

He owns some incredible SuperHuman powers with senses that unachievable for most of us.

Dr. Ramani Durvasula, who has saw him cutting a pellet from a BB gun and said these word, “This is about processing it at an entirely different sensory level because he is not visually processing it. This is a different level of anticipatory processing. Something so procedural, something so fluid for him”.


But, what we learn from him is that, with dedication and practice, we can achieve overly-human abilities.

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He runs his samurai school and also helping a robo which tries to replicate his sword strokes, which is very known for.

If you also know any super human let us know, we would love to share with entire world. 

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