These Men With Superhuman Abilities Prove That Superheroes Exist


The world is full of surprises. Every time we flip a new page about the world, we find ourselves astonished. So, today we have brought you 15 surprises straight from the people that possess superhuman abilities.

1. “Electro Man” Rajmohan Nair


Living in Kollam, India, Rajmohan Nair is immune to electrocution. Moreover, he can withstand a several amperes of current. On the other hand and average man can die from 0.1 ampere current. At the age of 7 Rajmohan tried to commit suicide by grabbing a current carrying wire but he found that the current didn’t affect him. So he accepted it as a gift of God. There is one more guy named as Deepak Jangra who can take 11,000 volts. His story is here.


2. Juan Ruiz- Los Angeles


Although the blind people faces a lot of difficulties as they cannot see the surroundings. However, Juan Ruiz of Los Angeles is an exception. He is a real life superhuman as despite being blind, he can see the world by echolocation.


3. John Ferraro- Boston


Human body has limits if it is about durability. Somehow John Ferraro of Boston took the durability over the limits and achieved a superhuman level. Now he can withstand a hammer blow to his head.


4. Jyoti Raju- Chitradurga, India


Monkeys are considered a subject of cunningness. But, Jyoti Raju found inspiration from the monkeys. Now he can climb walls and with incredible speed and agility. Maybe he is not spiderman but we can call him monkey man. Entire story of Jyoti Raju can be read here.


5. Garry “Stretch” Turner – London, England


You may be aware about Mr. Fantastic, the lead guy in Fantastic 4 that can stretch his skin. Likewise, Mr. Fantastic, Garry can also stretch his skin to a superhuman level.


6. Tom Cameron – Chicago


Known as the “Human Stun Gun”, Tom is a martial artist that can knockout anyone without even touching. Perhaps, the Chi power manures are considered the stuff only for the “Street fighter games” but this man proved them real.


7. Hu Qiong- Kuala Lumpur


By doing hard practice, the Shaolin Monk changed his body limit, now he can resist metal drills and spears. He left everyone surprised when he took the metal drill and tried to run that through his brain. However, he concentrated his Chi at the point of impact and resisted the drill.

8. Ron White- Fort Worth, Texas


Ron can memorize and recall even the most complex information word by word. He got a superhuman mental focus.


9. Scott Flansburg – San Diego


You may hate the arithmetic but Scott is a master in that. Furthermore, he is called a human calculator as he can solve complex arithmetic in his brain.


10. Chris Robinson- Edinburgh, Scotland


There are many movies that based on the process of foreseeing future in the dream. However, there is a huge difference between movies and realities. Or maybe not that much difference, as Chris Robinson of Scotland can predict future from his dreams.


11. Miroslaw Magola of Brighton, England


Telekinesis is an ability to move any objects by using mind. Undoubtedly, this ability does not exist in humans. But, Miroslaw is an exception. Hence, he is a superhuman. Moreover, he is known as real life magneto as he can hold the metal objects.


12. Dr. Norman Gary – Sacramento, California


Can you summon Bees? Clearly, you cannot. However, Dr. Norman Gary possesses the special power to summon swarm of Bees. Moreover, he can control them, so you better not mess with him.


13. Tim Friede – Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


Who likes to get bitten by venomous snakes? Probably no one will like to get bitten. However, Tim Friede allows himself to be bitten by those snakes in order to make medical research about them. Hence, he is also known as human guinea pig.


14. Chad Netherland-  San Diego


Chad can hold two airplanes from takeoff. Moreover, he can resist the acceleration of a 500 Hp car by just grabbing that car by a rope. No denying this man is a superhuman.

15. Rene Richter


Rene claimed that he got the strongest teeth in the world. Later it was unveiled that his Jaws allows him to lift 1000 lbs.

Will you believe if we say that someone can cut a running bullet into half by his sword. Yes, you read it right. Meet Isao Machii and for more superhuman stories you can check here.

Which one is your favorite superhuman from the above list? Share with us.


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