How To Replace A Worn Car Battery

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Power your car’s electrical devices with a fully functioning car battery and these replacement steps. Most cars use lead-acid batteries to power their starter and other electrical devices. These batteries are reliable for three-to-five years, but after this period it may be time to replace a worn car battery. Learn more about this essential maintenance step and where to go for a replacement battery for a key fob and your car.

After picking up a new battery, you need to carefully remove your worn battery. Use care when performing this maintenance task, as a damaged lead-acid battery can cause serious injury. After putting on gloves and protective goggles, it’s time to remove the old battery and replace it:

  1. Remove the negative or unpainted, battery cable with an adjustable wrench.
  2. Pull the cable away from the battery to prevent it from coming in contact with the terminal.
  3. Remove the positive battery cable.
  4. Remove any safety strap or protective cover holding your battery in place.
  5. Carefully lift the battery straight up and out of your vehicle.
  6. Install the new battery, starting with the safety strap, then installing the positive cable, and ending with the negative cable.

You may need to use your owner’s manual to find the location of your battery, the type of battery your vehicle uses, and how to properly remove the cover or safety strap. Follow these steps and wear proper protective gear to avoid injury from your battery.


Signs Of A Worn Car Battery

Worn Car Battery

Your battery is charged every time your engine is running, so an automotive battery should continue to power your electrical systems for years. Be sure to turn off your headlights and other electrical systems when your engine isn’t running. Keyless car remotes can help you turn on and off your car to charge the battery and test to see if it’s still running.

If you experience dim headlights or fading radio power, your battery probably needs to be replaced. As it ages, your battery has less output and a lower full power level. This may not be noticeable at first, but over time it can lead to reduced power output.

The power output will eventually be too low to power your vehicle’s starter. Clicking when you turn the key, slowly cranking over or other starting issues are all signs that your battery is worn out. Replacing it immediately can help you avoid a sudden failure to start your vehicle.

One of the most obvious signs of a worn-out battery is the age. Many batteries will become less efficient after a few years. If you’re operating a vehicle with a battery that’s five years or more old, you should consider replacing it regardless of its performance.


How To Choose A New Car Battery

Worn Car Battery

Stop by your local auto parts store or shop for a new battery online to swap out a worn-out battery for a new one. Enjoy great prices and easy recycling services when you take your old battery to a local auto parts store. Pick up PPE online for safe and efficient maintenance in your home workshop.

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