Five Essentials That Every Indian Car Should Have Before Hitting the Road

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Driving a car in India is in itself a challenge – from the traffic woes to non-existent traffic rules, there’s enough to keep everyone on their toes. Add to this; car owners have to put up with dire times now and then. It could be a flat tire or a dead battery; anything is possible on the road.

Furthermore, all the guides about car essentials on the internet cater either to the western audience or to people going on a long road trip. Hence, this guide will specifically talk about the Indian context. Yes, we will include things like a car air purifier and why is it essential in a country like India.

So, buckle up and go through these five essentials that every Indian car should have before they hit the road!


1. Car-Air Purifier

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A life-saving device that is rarely talked about! Most people don’t even think about the air quality inside their cars, but they should. Buying a car with safety in mind and skipping on a car air purifier is certainly not the wisest thing to do.

According to the ‘2018 World Air Quality Report’ by IQAir, “India is home to 13 out of 15 most polluted cities in the world.” Driving with windows rolled up won’t help either because air pollution is nine to twelve times higher inside the car than it’s outside.

A car air purifier is an ideal solution to tackle pollution and its adversities when driving. Every car owner who is concerned about their and their loved one’s health should get a HEPA car air purifier.

Buy a car air purifier from BreatheEasy for a hassle-free online buying experience. It’s also the official and exclusive partner of the Swiss brand, IQAir – the best air purifier brand.


2. First Aid Kit

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Car manufacturers in India must include a first aid kit in their vehicles as per the Central Motor Vehicles Act. However, manufacturers only provide a basic car first aid kit that just gets the job done.

Instead, everyone should add more to the first aid kit and customize it basis their need. Band-aids, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, antiseptic creams, medicines for diabetes and blood pressure are essential. If old people travel in the car, pain killers and other personal medicines must always be in the car. Moreover, if children travel in the car, there should always be emergency medicines for them.


3. Fire Extinguisher

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When driving a car, safety should always be paramount. It’s so easy to spot charred cars on road corners almost everywhere in the country. It only points to one specific thing that fire in cars is a rising concern and is happening more than usual.

A fire extinguisher is mandatory in taxis and private cabs by law. However, keeping one in a private vehicle is another wise thing to do. It can come in handy in some of the most unexpected situations relating to fire.


4. Jumper Cables

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No matter the situation one lands with a dead or weak battery, a jumper cable is sure to tackle all such problems. These are one of the essential things everyone should have in their cars. They will jumpstart the battery in an instant and can be incredibly helpful on the road. Jumper cables are cost-effective and have a low footprint.


5. Tow Ropes

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Breakdowns can occur anytime, and there won’t always be a sign beforehand. Since breakdowns are highly unpredictable, getting stuck out on the highway can be a tricky time. It’s a definitive safety concern. Moreover, waiting for the RSA company with their tow truck can be long and expensive.

A tow rope can make life much more comfortable. Hitch a ride with someone on the road to the nearest mechanic or service station. It’s a handy accessory to always have in the car. Not only tow ropes tow, but they can also even be used as a belt to carry or tie anything broken from the car after an accident such as bumpers.

People do all sorts of things to protect themselves on the road. However, being equipped with the right set of things is important when driving a car in India. The five things mentioned above hint to the safety aspect of car ownership in India. Devices such as a car air purifier and fire extinguisher are vital. So, make sure to check on them and add an extra layer of a preventive measure for the loved ones.

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