These Are The Three Great Gaming PCs To Look Out For In 2021

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This year has been another stellar one for the world of gaming, with a host of exciting new titles and intriguing hardware being released.

However, while a couple of major new console releases might have grabbed plenty of headlines recently, some other forms of gaming have been doing well too.


An Exciting Area

PC gaming in particular has been on a fascinating journey, as a host of exciting experiences are now available on such devices. The major level of interest in the area was highlighted by recent reports related to the World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands, with sites including VentureBeat detailing how it is thought to have broken records related to the biggest launch day for a PC game.

PCs have also become key to eSports and many of the titles played within that world, while they are capable of offering high-quality online gambling experiences as well. Many sites now operate in the online casino space and provide a range of different titles under one roof. Genesis Casino is a good example of this, as it features everything from slots and table games to live casino offerings. As the site explains, the latter experiences see croupiers based in studios present real-life games via a video link. You don’t require a powerful PC to play these games either.

But, if you’re looking to enjoy the best gaming experience possible on a PC, what should you ultimately opt for? Here we look at three key gaming PCs or computers that you should keep an eye on in 2021.


Razer Tomahawk

One system that has attracted plenty of attention this month is Razer’s Tomahawk. As The Verge explains, it is the company’s first pre-built desktop PC, and it includes a host of intriguing features. A 45W Core i9-9980HK Coffee Lake processor is included in the NUC module, while it also has a 2TB hard drive and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. The Verge adds that it can also be ordered with an Nvidia RTX 3080 Founders Edition installed.


Alienware Aurora R11

Another device that has caught the eye this year is the Alienware Aurora R11. The system achieved a score of 93 on PCGamer and was praised as the “premier 4K gaming desktop”. In terms of its technical specification, the site explained how the device includes an Intel Core i9-10900K CPU, the Nvidia RTX 3090, and 64GB of HyperX Fury DDR4-3200Mhz RAM.


Corsair Vengeance a7200

Corsair Vengeance a7200

Finally, another recently unveiled gaming PC that has been making headlines is the Corsair Vengeance a7200 Series.

In a press release, the company revealed how the system is its first machine to combine the AMD Ryzen 5000-Series CPU with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000-Series GPU. Corsair adds that the machine “raises the bar” for gaming and streaming-ready PCs.


Enjoy A Top Gaming Experience

PC gaming is in rude health at the moment and there are a whole host of great systems out there for players to make use of.

However, the trio above has been in the spotlight a lot recently and may well be worth checking out if you are seeking a top gaming experience.

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