Success Story Of Britannia From INR 295 To 38% Of Indian Market Share

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One of the biggest brands in dairy products and biscuits is Britannia. Many people start their day with a dip of Britannia biscuits on a cup of tea, milk, or coffee. You guys will be surprised to know that it started with just INR 295. Today the company has 38% of the Indian market share. How many of you know the history and story of Britannia? Today we will share with you a success story of Britannia.


How Britannia Started?

Britannia Story

In 1892, a group of British businessmen created a company in a room of a small home in Kolkata. Even they would have never imagined that this company would become one of the biggest food processing companies in India and will be known as ‘Britannia.’ In 1918, the company registered as a public limited company. People started loving the products and the trust has been built because of the quality. By the year 1924, Britannia has grown enough and have opened a new plant in Mumbai. They have made both the plant in Mumbai and Kolkata fully automatic. During World War II, Britannia was given a contract by the government to supply biscuits to the members of the armed forces.

In 1954, it has established another plant, and this time it is in Delhi. Britannia first began making bread in 1954. The product worked well and this leads to the establishment of a new plant in Delhi after a few years. The bread became a huge success in Delhi. They have started making bread in Kolkata and in Chennai.

In 1979, the company went from being Britannia Biscuit Company Limited to Britannia Industries Limited. It started a new era for the company and for food processing in the country.


How The Britannia Brand Was Build?

Britannia Biscuits

The sale of biscuits and bread grew at a quick pace after 1979. However, popularity was only limited to big cities. They found more ways to expand their brand. In order to become a company for everyday food items, they began manufacturing dairy products in 1997. They have also started several manufacturing plants across the country. This led to establishing a good reputation for themselves. In the same year, Britannia introduced its products like Jim Jam, Tiger biscuits, and CheckersThese products became popular because of their affordable prices and quality.


Ruling The Market

Britannia Good Day

After the success of its products, it has decided to expand its product line and started to create something for everyone. It has some of the most amazing and delicious biscuits in the country like Little Hearts, Bourbon, Milk Bikis, Good Day to name a few. These biscuits are not only popular in India but also in other countries as well. Currently, Britannia’s market share is 38% and is one of the biggest brands in the Indian market. The company is repeatedly featured in the list of India’s 100 most trusted companies.


Legacy Continues

Britannia Bourbon

Britannia is providing employment to many people all over the country. The quality it has maintained made people love its products. People are also liking their dairy products. Britannia is still growing at a great pace than many other companies in the same sector.

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