Different Types of Terrain Where You Can Ride Your Electric Bike

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While riding a traditional bike is a fantastic way to exercise your body, riding an electric bike can help you save significant energy over long distances. This is particularly advantageous for riders who need a vehicle that can extend their range. For some, the extended range might be necessary because of a long commute. For others, the natural process of aging may have resulted in a naturally shorter range. Electric bikes for adults are also fun to ride and great for delivery jobs. If you are considering an electric bike and are unsure what terrain is suitable for the bike of your choice, here is a basic guide:


Riding Far Over Flat Terrain


The flat terrain is the simplest terrain for which an electric bike is suitable. Electric bikes generally have two modes of assisting the rider. The first, called pedal assist, makes pedaling easier so traveling is less tiring. The second, full throttle, uses the motor to power the bike entirely on its own energy. When traveling long distances, you should first ensure that you have enough battery, since draining a battery entirely can decrease its lifespan.


Climbing Hills


Electric bike hill-climbing ability depends on the power of a given bike’s motor. For most residential hills, 250-watt motors are sufficient to assist riders with hills while preserving enough throttle power for straightaways. 500-watt motors are generally powerful enough to allow riders to throttle up neighborhood hills.


Climbing Mountainous Terrain


While mountains are physically daunting, mountain roads are not always significantly steeper than the hills and incline found in most towns. In some areas, however, mountain roads can twist and turn around very high inclines. If you want your electric bike to assist you with very steep terrain, a 500-watt motor is usually considered the minimum desirable power level. A 750-watt engine is usually necessary to throttle up mountain slopes without pedaling.


Legal Considerations

Because the widespread use of electric bikes has an influence on the safety of both riders and motorists, different states have enacted different laws and restrictions on the use of electric bikes. Depending on your state of residence, your ride may be restricted to certain routes or road types, certain motor powers, or certain speeds. Before purchasing a new bike, you should familiarize yourself with the laws and guidelines in your state.


Considerations For Body Types

Obviously, your body type and weight have an influence on an electric motor’s power input. Lower body weight requires less work for an electric motor. Higher body weights decrease efficiency. While internet guidelines can help you to find an appropriately powered bike, you should understand that most guidelines were created with a “standard” body weight in mind.

An electric bike is a fun investment for adult riders of all ages. If you are a senior rider, consider looking for step-through electric bikes for seniors that don’t require any gymnastics to mount. Remember, read your state’s legislation on electric bikes, and always obey local traffic laws when riding.

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