Reliance To Launch India’s First Smart TV OS, Taking On Samsung And LG

Reliance Google Smart TV OS

Reliance is all set to launch India’s first Smart TV OS. It will take on giants like Samsung and LG. As per the officials, Reliance Industries has begun testing the nation’s first in-house smart TV operating system (OS). They are planning to potentially launch televisions running it commercially by Diwali. The OS will be based on Google’s Android platform. It will represent a significant step towards independence in the Indian IT sector. Jio TV OS is expected to take on giants like Samsung’s Tizen OS and LG’s webOS. The smart TV market is huge in India. With Reliance coming into TV OS, will again boost Make In India.


Reliance Targets Local Brands With Open-Source Jio Smart TV OS

Reliance Industries

To boost the uptake of Jio TV OS, Reliance intends to target local TV makers, especially smaller brands. This strategic objective also aims to create an atmosphere of competition in the Indian smart TV industry by promoting the platform among domestic firms. Jio TV OS would enable developers to produce apps that are suited for smart TVs and other connected devices by offering an open-source platform, which might spark the growth of a thriving app economy.


No Licensing Fees

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Jio TV OS is unique in that it does not charge license costs. Smaller manufacturers that may normally find it difficult to afford the expenses related to established operating systems find the platform appealing because of this strategy. According to a Reliance official, this approach may aid in the appeal of Jio TV OS, especially among domestic and smaller brands, as major global companies like Samsung and LG are unlikely to embrace it because of their proprietary smart TV operating systems.


Connectivity To Jio Services

Reliance Jio Independence Plan Offer

In addition to creating the Jio TV OS platform, Reliance intends to use it to advertise its services, including JioCinema. This integration would contribute to the generation of ad income and also to Jio internet subscriptions. By taking an integrated approach, Jio TV OS hopes to improve its value proposition. It will become a more all-inclusive solution for manufacturers and customers alike.


Reliance Plans Jio Smart TV With Jio TV OS, Targets Entry-Level Market


Apart from creating the operating system, Reliance is purportedly thinking of producing smart TVs under the Jio brand that runs Jio TV OS. Reliance hopes to expand its market reach by collaborating with other Indian TV manufacturers. It will emphasize the entry-level market. Reliance plans to take advantage of the growing trend in larger screen sizes (55 inches and beyond) despite the overall reduction in smart TV shipments to India at the moment of this move.


Anticipated Impact

  • No License Costs: Smaller manufacturers will be drawn to this idea, offering an affordable substitute for the current smart TV operating systems.
  • Open-Source Platform: Jio TV OS developers may produce apps that are optimized for the platform, promoting a thriving app economy and improving user experience.
  • Connectivity to Jio Services: The platform’s value will increase if it is bundled with Jio services like JioCinema and Jio Internet subscriptions.]
  • Entry-Level Segment in Focus: Jio-branded smart TVs will target the entry-level market to take a sizable portion of the market.
  • Prospective Growth: Larger screen sizes are becoming more popular despite a drop in smart TV sales overall, giving Jio TV OS a chance to take advantage of this trend.

The testing of Jio TV OS by Reliance Industries is a big step towards independence for the Indian IT industry. Jio TV OS is well-positioned to have a significant influence on the Indian smart TV industry. It integrates Jio services, targets native producers, and does away with license costs. With further development, the platform might support a vibrant app economy and offer a competitive substitute for well-established smart TV operating systems.

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