The Success Story Of Jio, From Business Model To Becoming A Remarkable Brand In India

Jio Success Story

JioPhone Next is available for purchase from their official website. Jio is attempting to convert the country’s 300 million 2G consumers to 4G. The goal appears to be challenging and also huge. However, Jio has accomplished even more incredible feats in the recent past.

The telecom business had eight companies at the time of Jio’s introduction in 2016. Now the number has been reduced to four. The average calling rate at the time was 58 paise per minute. It has since dropped to 18 paise in 2018 and is now even lower. Yes, it’s true. Now, Jio is World’s fifth strongest brand. Today, Jio has over 44 crore subscribers with a revenue of INR 90,287 crores.

However, the questions are How did all of this come to be? How did Jio get his start? How did the four competitors come to a halt in front of Jio, and how is Jio profitable despite offering such a low-cost plan? Here we have tried to cover all the answers for the readers.


The Idea Of Jio

Isha Ambani Engaged

It is the year 2011. Isha Ambani, a student at Yale University in the United States, had returned home for the holidays. Isha informed her father about the sluggish internet speed when she had trouble submitting the coursework. Ambani stated that his son Akash had also said that telecom used to mean voice calls solely, but now everything is digital. Apart from that, the internet allows you to perform a lot of things. It was only after his daughter’s issue and his son’s suggestion that the thought of returning to the telecom sector and founding Jio occurred to him.

In 2010, Reliance Industries paid Rs 4,800 crores for a 95 percent share in Infotel Broadband Services Limited, or IBSL. As a result, IBSL was the first and only business in India to distribute a 4G broadband spectrum throughout the country’s 22 zones. For its 4G service, Reliance Jio partnered with Bharti Airtel in December 2013. Reliance Jio uses Airtel’s undersea cable capacity, optical fiber network, wireless towers, and Internet broadband service under this partnership. In addition, Jio and Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communication signed a deal in the same year to extend the 4G spectrum across the country.

Reliance Jio announced its 4G service on December 27, 2015. Initially, this service was only available to Reliance Industries employees. Reliance Jio launched its 4G service across the country on September 5, 2016. Initially, Jio SIM cards were handed to everyone for free, along with 4GB of internet each day for three months. In addition, the company offered its customers free unlimited calling and 100 text messages per day. Jio debuted a 4G feature phone in 2017 when there were not enough 4G handsets in the country.


Name And Logo Of Jio


Jio’s official name is ‘Joint Implementation Opportunities,’ and Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited is the company’s full name. The slogan of Reliance Jio is ‘Digital Life,’ and the famous tagline is ‘Jio Ji Bharke.’

The most intriguing aspect of Jio is that it is likely Reliance’s only company with its own logo. Isha Ambani also came up with this concept. In partnership with a German designer, Isha created the Jio logo. In addition, the Jio logo has a hidden meaning. When you flip Jio over, it becomes Oil, which is the foundation of Reliance.


Business Model Of Jio

Jio Growth In 20 Months

When Jio was launched on September 5, 2016, in the Indian market, during that time, the Indian telecom market was competitive. Even though there were eight companies, consumers had to pay an average of 58 paise per minute of talk time. So Jio decided to enter the market first and take hold. Jio launched Welcome Offer for their customers.

Jio Growth In 20 Months

Initially, Jio used to offer unlimited internet and high-quality calling service. Till March 31, 2018, Jio provided free services to the customers. Then, on April 1, 2018, Jio launched its plans. However, the plans were for a meager price. Other telecom providers were also pushed to adjust their business models as a result of this policy. Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone were among the companies involved. Slowly, these companies also reduced the rates but could not compare it with Jio. Today, Jio has the largest customer base in India.


Airtel: Strong Competitor Of Jio


Because of its absence of a 4G network, BSNL is considered to be out of the race. No one could perform a miracle, even after the Vodafone-Idea merger. The number of people who use their services is steadily decreasing. In comparison to Jio, Airtel is the only company in the lead. With 350 million subscribers, Airtel is the country’s second-largest telecom company.

Now with the launch of JioPhone Next, the company is targeting small towns and villages to get 2G users shifted to 4G services. Even, Jio is planning to launch 5G services in India soon.

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