Check SIM Cards Registered Under Your Name; Rs 2 Lakh Fine If You Have Multiple SIM Cards

Multiple SIM Cards

The maximum number of SIM cards that a person can own is clearly defined under the new Telecommunications Act, of 2023. Obtaining more than one SIM card under your name may result in legal issues. If you take more SIMs than allowed by the telecom legislation, you can be subject to hefty penalties. Recurring violations of the regulation may potentially result in prison time. It’s essential to understand the most recent regulations on the number of SIM cards. Continue reading to know how to verify the number of SIM cards that are linked to your name.


How Many SIM Cards Can Be Under Your Name?

Sim Card

Depending on where the SIM card is taken, an individual may be able to take a maximum of SIM cards. Partner at Grant Thornton Bharat Nittin Arora said,

“The maximum SIM card limit has been set for nine cards per person, except in the case of Jammu & Kashmir, Assam, and Northeast Licensed Service Areas (LSAs), where it is limited to six.”

The aforementioned regulations on the maximum number of SIM cards that an individual may own came into force with the passage of the new Telecommunications Act, of 2023. Arun Prabhu, Partner (Head – Technology & Telecommunications), Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, elaborates further:

“The Telecommunications Act, 2023 does not mandate any specific limitation on the number of SIM cards an individual can hold. In effect, it gives effect to existing rules on subscriber verification.”


Penalties For Non-Compliance With New SIM Card Limit Regulations

June 26, 2024, having more SIMs than is allowed will have serious repercussions. The maximum penalty for first-time offenders is Rs 50,000; for repeat offenders, it rises to Rs 2 lakh. Furthermore, the new Act stipulates that obtaining SIM cards by deception, fraud, or impersonation can lead to a fine of up to Rs 50 lakh, three years in prison, or both. To prevent these fines, it is imperative that you maintain track of the number of SIM cards that are registered in your name.


Arun Prabhu Gives Further Clarification

Arun Sadhanand Prabhu

“The fines prescribed by the Telecommunications Act do not necessarily link to the number of SIM cards, but instead, the manner in which cards have been registered i.e. through fraud, cheating or personation.”

“The service providers (licensees) have implemented means to verify these aspects using software and analytics. So, even where some other identification document (other than Aadhaar) has been used, the licensee ought to be able to establish the linkage so that this aspect can be checked. The reporting happens to the Department of Telecommunications, not TRAI,” Mitra from DSK Legal stated.


Check Your SIM Cards

Reliance Jio Independence

It’s crucial to verify often the number of SIMs that are linked to your identification. This will help to stop any fraudulent usage of cards in your name. Further, a government project called the Sanchar Saathi site enables anyone to see how many SIM cards are registered under their name. This gateway can be used as follows:

  • Visit the Portal for Sanchar Saathi.
  • Enter the number of your phone in the assigned field to finish the captcha validation process. To validate the captcha, click it.
  • An OTP will be sent to the registered telephone number you provided. To continue, enter the OTP in the appropriate area.
  • The number of SIM cards registered in your name will appear on a new page. Next to every number, you will see three options: “Not My Number,” “Not Required,” and “Required.”
  • Click “Not My Number” or “Not Required” to initiate a disconnection request if you come across any numbers that are not yours or are not required anymore.


What Should You Do In Case You Have More Than Nine SIM Cards?

On December 7, 2021, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) sent out guidelines for re-verifying existing mobile connections for those who had more than nine SIMs. They did it before the new laws took effect. To adhere to the new regulations, you can choose to give up, transfer, or disconnect the extra ones. Further if things are done in a timely manner by the recommendations, there won’t be any fines.

It’s crucial to adhere to the legal restrictions on SIM to prevent penalties and legal issues. To maintain compliance and stop illegal use, use the Sanchar Saathi site to verify the quantity of SIM cards registered under your name regularly.

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