Noida’s Fake Call Center Scam: Offering Loans And Insurance Policies Led To Multi-Crore Fraud; 11 Arrested

Noida's Fake Call Center Scam

Fraud and scams seem normal in today’s world. From fake accounts to running fake centers, people have found different ways to fraud people. Well, there exist many reasons for the illegal activities but one motive takes the top spot. Collecting money is one of the main reasons why people commit fraudulent activities. One such case has been found in Noida. A fake call center run by ex Insurance Agents is exposed in Noida. Continue reading to learn about the incident.


Fake Call Center In Noida Gets Busted

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For more than a year, the call center in Noida, manned by two former life insurance policy agents was housed on the fourth floor of a building in the Sector 51 market of Noida.  Ashish and Jitendra, the creators of the scam, employed nine women to pretend as call center executives. The job of the women was to make sales to potential customers about these plans. The group used illicitly obtained fake Aadhaar cards to purchase SIM cards. According to police, the gang used the promise of large profits on loans and insurance products to entice people from outside Delhi-NCR. Their identities were concealed as they preyed on gullible people using these SIM cards. The organization operated on a commission basis. This meant that the more individuals you managed to bring in, the more money you made.

The money obtained from the scam victims was deposited into a Punjab National Bank account. The account did not belong to the creators of the scam. It was rented for ₹1000 per month from a guy in Karnataka by the name of Arvind. Jitendra and Ashish would use debit cards in Noida to get the money. Following a police raid, Ashish’s black journal was discovered. Every financial transaction in the year-long fraud that brought in crores of rupees was documented in the diary. Police alleged that hundreds of victims were duped in a multi-crore loan scam operating out of a call center in Noida using phone data. The data was strategically purchased online for about ₹ 2,500. Eleven individuals, comprising nine females, were taken into custody for peddling fraudulent loans and insurance plans.


How Did The Police Bust The Scam?

AI Driven Voice scams

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Shakti Mohan Avasthy stated that the fake center was raided on Friday in a cooperative operation by the Crime Response Team (CRT) and the local Sector 49 police station officers. He further mentioned that a case for a similar fraud had been brought in Ranchi.

“Ashish and Jitendra started this fraudulent activity after working for SBI Life Insurance in 2019. They bought data of about 10,000 people from India Mart for ₹ 2,500 and began calling people across India, defrauding them under the pretense of offering loans and insurance,” he stated.

Ashish Kumar, aka Amit, and Jitendra Verma, aka Abhishek, were recognized by the police as the main culprits. Nisha aka Sneha, Lovely Yadav aka Sweta, Reju aka Divya, Poonam aka Pooja, Aarti Kumari aka Ananya, Kajal Kumari aka Surti, Sarita akaSuman, Babita Patel aka Mahi, and Garima Chauhan aka Sonia are the nine women that were arrested. By the recently adopted Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, an FIR has been filed in this matter, and all of the accused have been placed under arrest.

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