Endowment Plan Better Than Life Insurance?

Endownment Plan

You can accomplish a lot with your savings: create a retirement plan, support your children’s dreams, purchase a dream house, and so on. However, this requires locating a suitable savings instrument to assist you in meeting these objectives.

This is where endowment life insurance plans can help. The greatest aspect is that you get the benefit of a life insurance policy while putting your money in a future savings fund.

Because you contribute to this corpus on a regular basis over time, an endowment policy also helps you adopt a disciplined approach to developing a savings fund.

Life insurance solutions are designed to meet a variety of demands and financial objectives. There are several things that a first-time endowment policy buyer should know regarding endowment insurance plans. If you are searching for an appropriate savings plan, here is a guide that might help you comprehend endowment plans.


What Is An Endowment Policy?

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Endowment policies are a form of life insurance policy that pays out a lump sum at maturity or death. Endowment insurance plans assist the policyholder in building a risk-free savings corpus and provide financial stability to the family in the case of a catastrophic occurrence. An endowment policy combines life insurance with the advantages of a savings plan.

You may save consistently over a certain length of time to build up a substantial corpus that you can enjoy when you reach retirement age. If the policyholder survives the policy period, the Payment Assured will be paid in a lump sum.

Endowment insurance is a fantastic alternative for helping you fulfill financial objectives like your children’s schooling or marriage, buying a home, or even preparing for your retirement.


Features Of An Endowment Insurance Plan

Endowment plans combine the benefits of savings and life insurance into a single plan. An endowment policy, however, does not stop there. Some of the characteristics of an endowment plan are as follows:

1. Security Of A Life Cover

Before purchasing the endowment policy, you may choose your life insurance coverage. This is the sum that will be paid to your family if you die during the period.

In the policy, you may also choose your riders. Before settling on adequate financial insurance, consider all of your family’s future demands.

2. Guaranteed Returns

An endowment plan might assist you in developing a saving habit. You must pay the premiums on a regular basis. Your contribution to the insurance plans earns a predetermined rate of interest. When the insurance matures, you will get a guaranteed amount plus interest and other benefits. That is, you are certain of the amount and may therefore plan your future.

3. Flexibility In Premium Payment

You have complete control over the manner and frequency with which you pay your subscription. You may pay your life insurance premiums on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis, depending on your preferences.

You may also choose the limited payment option, which enables you to pay your premium for a certain period of time and then enjoy the benefit.

4. Low Risk

Endowment plans provide assured returns. You are aware of the benefits that will be created by the policy. Thus, an endowment policy involves no or extremely minimal risk.

5. Bonus

The advantages included in the insurance plans, namely the death and maturity benefits, are enhanced by bonuses. Endowment plans may contain bonuses such as guaranteed annual additions, interim bonuses, revisionary bonuses, and so on.


Benefits Of Buying An Endowment Policy

An endowment plan enables you to save for a variety of life objectives. Purchasing a money-back or endowment plan allows you to attain your financial objectives while safeguarding your loved ones. Here are a few advantages of purchasing an endowment policy:

1. Financial Cover

A death benefit amount is included in endowment programs. As a sort of life insurance coverage, an endowment plan financially protects your life. If you die within the policy’s term, your family will get the amount insured, determined at the purchase time. If your insurance has collected any bonuses, these will be added to the amount insured at the time of death.

2. Value Of Maturity

Endowment insurance plans are more than simply a safety net. This is a form of life insurance that offers a maturity value in addition to death payouts. That is, if you outlive the insurance term, you will still be paid. If you have been paying your premiums, you will undoubtedly get this bonus.

This amount is determined by the insurance type and insurer and may be utilised to reach your objectives.

3. Addition Of Riders

Riders can help you improve your endowment strategy even more. Riders are extra benefits that can increase the scope of your current insurance. Riders let you increase your sum guaranteed and cover scenarios that the main policy does not.

4. Tax Exemption

Endowment plans may also help you save money on taxes. Section 80C allows for tax savings on premium payments, and the maturity amount, including the ultimate payout, is also deductible under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act.


Best Indian Brands That Offers Endowment Plans

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Here is the list of the top insurance providers that offers the best endowment plans in India:

1. Canara HSBC Life Insurance – Invest 4G Plan

Canara HSBC Life Insurance’s Invest 4G Plan is a non-connected, non-participating solitary life coverage investment funds cum security plan that delivers guaranteed benefits and regular pay to meet both long haul and short haul monetary objectives.

2. ICICI Pru Life

ICICI Pru Life provides non-linked insurance plans that give financial protection as well as development. These endowment plans invest a proportion of your premiums in both equity and debt funds, allowing you to grow your money. At the same time, it assures that your money is always secure.

3. Bharti AXA Life Insurance

Bharti AXA Life Insurance provides endowment plans with increasing income each year, ensuring that rising expenses are met, as well as Life Insurance coverage in the event of an untimely occurrence, ensuring that your family is protected even in the worst-case scenario.


Who Should Buy An Endowment Plan?

If you are the principal breadwinner in your family, you must get an endowment policy. In layman’s words, everyone with a regular source of income and the duty of caring for loved ones should invest in an endowment plan. You can purchase an endowment plan; if you are:

1. A paid worker
2. Self-employed person
3. Businessman

You don’t have to take on a lot of risks to get good returns with the proper endowment plan.


Finishing Up

An endowment policy is the most secure plan on the market. It provides you with life insurance for a certain length of time and also assures that you get a maturity payout when your policy expires.

The maturity amount is assured in this case and is also increased by the policy’s annual additions and other perks. As a result, this sum may be utilized to attain your long-term objectives.

So, if you have a goal that you want to reach in the future that demands a large amount of money, you should definitely explore this approach. With this strategy, you might aim for money for your child’s marriage, schooling, and arranging an overseas vacation.

This is also useful if you wish to invest your lump cash in a risk-free asset.

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