What are some Rare Unknown Facts about Chhatrapati Shivaji?

Chhatrapati Shivaji


Shivaji Bhonsle otherwise called Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was an Indian warrior ruler and an individual from the Bhonsle Maratha clan. The Government of Maharashtra acknowledges 19 February 1630 as his birth date. Nineteenth century Hindu Pentecostal Swami Vivekananda considered Shivaji a legend and paid sparkling tributes to his knowledge.

Some lesser-known goodies about Shivaji:


He was to a great degree secular

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When all kingdoms were entirely adhering to their religious convictions and getting rid of others', Shivaji was shockingly exceptionally pleasing of all religions.


He had numerous Muslims in his military positions too

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Instead of the normal conviction of him being a ruler of Hindu starting point who battled Muslims. He battled different rulers, not religions, who debilitated his kingdom.


He changed over his armed force of 2,000 men into 10,000 troopers

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His dad left him 2,000 troopers, which he changed over to 10,000. He knew the significance of a decent armed force and idealized fighting techniques. He had a knowledge unit that helped him devise strategies like the guerrilla fighting.

He was a down to earth military administrator and didn't urge his troops to be martyred for it. Rather, he generally requests that they step back and regroup.


He was savvy enough to build up a naval force to ensure the coastline

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He realized that to shield India from outside intruders, a maritime armada was required. Very few different rulers had thought about this. Yet, he framed a steadfast Maratha naval force.


He vanquished Afzal Khan in a one-on-one fight

Afzal Khan was a veteran general and better than Shivaji in size and quality.

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It is said that they met in a hovel that lone permitted them to convey a solitary sword, yet Shivaji was certain that Afzal Khan would assault him. In this way, he wore a defensive layer underneath which halted Khan's knife. The Persian annals express that Shivaji assaulted him first while the Maratha narratives express the inverse.


He remained for the honor of ladies and ensured none were taken detainees

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Not at all like numerous different leaders of the area, was nobody under his tenet permitted to shame ladies. Ladies of caught domains were left unharmed. And actually assault or attack was extremely punished. He turned remorseless towards the individuals who did unfeeling things. The disciplines were consistent with the seriousness of the wrongdoing.


He was amazingly benevolent to the individuals who surrendered and would welcome them into his own armed force

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He passed judgment on them not on their experiences, but rather on their ability alone.


He battled for India in the first place, and after that his kingdom

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His objective was dependably to build up a free kingdom in the nation and roused his troops to battle for India and no lord specifically.

He was amazingly minding towards the everyday citizens and never permitted attacks on family units or religious spots.

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