These Three Projects Will Change The Way We Travel From Mumbai To Pune

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Mumbai and Pune are prominent cities of Maharashtra. It attracts thousands of commuters daily. The distance between the two cities is 148 km. It takes around 3 hours to travel by train or by road. Therefore, commuting to and fro from Mumbai to Pune is considerably more. These three projects will make travel more comfortable between the two cities Mumbai to Pune.


1. The Missing Link Expressway Tunnel

Expressway Mumbai Pune

It is the latest project undertaken by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC). The project aims to construct the ‘Missing Link Tunnel’ that would essentially include two tunnels, two viaducts, and a new eight-lane road that spans over 13.3 km. The project would reduce the distance between the two cities by 6 km. Even though the number is not much, it would be beneficial as this tunnel would bypass the ghat part between Khopoli and Kusgaon and save around 20-25 minutes during the day and more in the night ghats are relatively busier. The project is expected to be completed by September 2022 and would prove to be worth the wait.


2. Mumbai To Pune High-Speed Train

Mumbai To Pune High Speed Train

It is a big project proposed by the Maharail (Maharashtra Railway Infrastructure Development Company). The high-speed train would cut down the travel time by almost one hour. It can take up around 1 hour 39 min which is a significant relief for the daily commuters. Currently, the fastest train is the Deccan Queen, which takes around 3 hours 10 min. The high-speed train will reduce the travel time to almost half. The project is a part of the Train 18 initiative with a maximum of 160 km/hr. The train will have a couple of luxury coaches, shatterproof windows, European seats, and a part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative. At Chennai and Raebareli, these high-speed trains will be assembled. The train is all set to surpass the current trains like Pragati Express, Deccan Express, Sinhagad Express, etc.


3. Mumbai To Pune Hyperloop

Mumbai To Pune Hyperloop

This project is one of the most significant ones as it aims to reduce the travel time between the cities to just 25 minutes, which is like a dream for regular commuters. This hyperloop is set to be executed by a California-based company, Virgin Hyperloop One. The hyperloop was expected to be ready by 2024 but has been delayed by five years now. The hyperloop pods would carry the passengers and travel through tubes and tunnels from which most of the air has been removed to reduce friction, which would essentially help them travel at a very high speed. This hyperloop’s estimated speed is around 1000 km/h and would skirt the Mumbai Pune expressway.

Therefore, these projects would ultimately help the commuters and make it way easier to travel to and fro, thus limiting the mode of transportation to train or bus.

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Praneet Samaiya
the authorPraneet Samaiya