Groom Beats Photographer For Getting Too Close To Bride; Watch Bride’s Reaction

Groom Beats Photographervia

Marriages are made in heaven. We have read many stories of marriages. A few days back, we have seen a bride was working on her laptop during her wedding. In one article, we have seen an amazing entry of a bride at her wedding on one of the wedding songsMere Saiyaan Superstar. Marriage is one of the best moments in everyone’s life. Everyone wants it to be the best. The marriages are incomplete without wedding videos and photographs. They give you the liberty to relive the moments forever. We have recently come across a video in which a groom hit the photographer for getting too close to a bride.

In the video, a wedding cameraman was taking close up shots of a bride. He even touched the bride to take some photos of her. It does not go well with the groom. He became possessive and hit the cameraman for getting too close to the bride. However, the most important part of the video was the bride’s hilarious reaction. She literally rolls on the floor as she was unable to control her laugh. Check out the video below.

While the cameraman was too comfortable clicking the photos of the bride, the groom was not. He was jealous and possessive. The groom did not like it, and he beats the cameraman.  But, the best was the bride’s reaction. What do you guys think? Which part of the video did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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Praneet Samaiya
the authorPraneet Samaiya