Bride Amazing Entry To Her Wedding, Dances To Saiyaan Superstar, Is The Cutest Thing You Will See

Bride Entry On Saiyaan Superstarvia

Marriages are made in heaven. Recently, we have seen love knows no boundaries when a unique wedding took place in California. A bride was COVID-19 positive, still, the couple did not let the coronavirus spoil their wedding. Due to coronavirus, the government has made guidelines with limited guests at the wedding. The government has asked the authorities and the people to keep social distancing and wear masks during the functions. However, there is no denying the fact that Marriage is one of the most amazing moments in anyone’s life. One likes to live and enjoy this moment to the full. Recently, a marriage took place in Maharashtra where a bride made an amazing entry to her wedding venue. A video of the bride making entry is going viral. She is seen dancing to the tunes of the song ‘Mere Saiyaan Superstar’ while walking towards the groom.

Saiyan Superstar Bride Entry

The bride is looking cute and beautiful in traditional attire and black aviators. The way she danced was looking amazing, elegant, and equally beautiful. She danced towards the stage where her groom waiting for her. She reached the stage and greeted him and kissed him on his hands. Even the groom made an act of protecting her from the evil eyes. Check out the video of a Maharashtrian bride making an entry on stage to the song, Mere Saiyaan Superstar.

This is one of the cutest entry we have seen at the wedding. The way she carries herself with confidence is outstanding. Normally, we see the bride coming on the stage with her relatives putting a cloth on top of her and the groom comes holding the hand of a bride, to help her enter the stage. However, the time has changed now and the youngsters have stopped worrying about what relatives and others will think. They just want to enjoy the biggest moment of their lives and live it to the maximum. It was really an amazing and cutest entry of a bride you will see in a long time. What do you guys think about it? Isn’t it adorable and beautiful? Let us know in the comments below.

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