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Many students cannot cope with tasks that demand creativity. It is easier to follow standards than to think of new ones. Besides, it is hard to predict what a college professor regards as low or high-quality writing. SmartWritingService is a creative writing service with professional writers who have shared its secrets concerning effective methods and sources of inspiration that help combat a writer’s block. Let us see the 25 striking ideas on how to prepare compelling creative writing stories.


Magic + Reality: 5 Tips To Create A Fascinating Story

Creative Writing Stories

Magical realism helped many individuals become outstanding writers. Try to use this method in your creative writing.

1. Time traveler

Speak about a person who uses a time machine to change something or just observes people without interference to write a book and turn it into a bestseller.

2. Reincarnation

Describe a person who undergoes reincarnation and remembers all his or her previous lives.

3. A couple that cannot be together because of living in different realities

Have you seen movies about people who cannot be together because of the time difference or a disease? Write about two parallel worlds or timelines and people who meet somehow but cannot be together.

4. Seers

Describe a person who is a prophet and tries to change some future events. What positive and negative consequences should one expect?

5. Super abilities

Write about a person or a family (friends) who have superpowers. Are they superheroes or villains? What difficulties do they face?


5 Tricks To Present Things From A Different Angle

Creative Writing Stories

Empathy might help you prepare unusual writing because the events will be presented from another angle.

1. Future

Describe a place or an event in several years. For example, imagine the after-Covid world in 2050. What can change? How? Why?

2. Fairy tales come true

Imagine that all fairy tale characters live with us. How would they feel? Who will be the winners and losers? Who might be their human partners, and why?

3. The world of animals in human reality

Describe the world from the perspective of an animal (wild or domestic).

4. How nature manifests its feelings

Why do we have tornadoes and nice sunny days? Describe natural phenomena from the perspective of Mother Nature or stones, rivers, trees, etc.

5. The world via the eyes of disabled people

It is trendy today to write papers connected with tolerance towards disabled people. Describe a day of a blind, deaf, or paralyzed person. What problems do they face? What is simple for us but difficult for them?


5 Secrets To Describe Routine

Creative Writing Stories

Even dull and monotonous things can help you create a stellar story.

1. Things around you

Seek inspiration around you. How can a simple book or pen alter your mood?

2. The best shelter in the case of emergency

Natural disasters, wars, terrorist attacks scare us. What place will you choose to hide in your house/ school/area?

3. Secrets

Describe your actions in case you find a secret message.

4. Decoration + psychology

Speak about the workplace and home decorations. How do they improve or hurt our psychological well-being?

5. Talismans

Belief is a powerful weapon. Write about things people consider to be their talismans.


5 Ideas Bookworms Might Appreciate

Creative Writing Stories

Books enrich our imagination. Use them to become creative.

1. A favorite character = my character

Borrow a character from a story and describe his or her life in your surrounding or country.

2. New episode for the book

Add a new episode to the plot of a book you study at college.

3. What if…

Imagine that you are a book character. What book would it be? Why? What would you do there?

4. Wordplay

Create a story using words from the first paragraph at the beginning of each chapter of a bestseller.

5. Alternative ending

Write another ending for the world-famous story.


5 Hints for the Same Story with Different Endings

Creative Writing Stories

The idea of alternative realities never gets expired. Create your own to impress your tutor.

1. If you change one habitual thing

Think of a short story and present it in different ways by changing only one thing. For example, a person forgets to do something. How might his or her day change?

2. A famous story without one character

Think of a story that everybody knows. Rewrite if by deleting one of the key or secondary characters.

3. A law and its outcome

Think, how the life of people will change if the government removes some article of the law. For example, the president deletes the law about gender equality. Will women’s lives be the same, or will they revolt against it? How?

4. The same student in different countries

Take a typical student and describe his or her day in different countries considering traits of character, habits, and family background. What difficulties might such a person face? How will this student cope with them?

5. Looking for inspiration

Write a story about writers who search for inspiration. What approaches do they use? What do you do when you lack the motivation to do something?

Instead of sitting in front of a blank piece of paper, one should search for ideas that might strike with inspiration. We differ. Eventually, one should consider personal preferences to create a stellar creative writing story and get the desired grade. Professors always welcome experiments because they often lead to the creation of masterpieces.

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