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Learn How To Embrace Your Strengths

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Too often, we ruminate on what’s wrong with us. But what if we changed that and thought about what’s “right” with us instead? It’s helpful for your well-being to embrace your strengths and what you need to work on in life. But the question is: why is it so difficult for us to look at our positive qualities? Let’s examine some reasons why it could be hard to see what you’re good at and why you matter.


Messages From Toxic Individuals In The Past

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Some people have come from toxic family backgrounds. If you grew up in an emotionally abusive home, you might have gotten the message that your opinion doesn’t matter. You may have heard things from your family that indicated to you that there was something “wrong with you.” Those messages can stay with a person from childhood into adulthood. It’s challenging to reject things from our past. The reality is it doesn’t matter what other people think of you. It matters what you feel about yourself. You may have difficulty accepting your strengths in the past because the people who raised you did not believe in you. You have the power to reject those messages and start thinking about what you’re good at and embrace those qualities.


Depression, Anxiety, And Other Mental Health Issues

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Living with a mental health issue isn’t easy. Mental disorders and conditions can be challenging for a multitude of reasons. When you have depression or anxiety, you may second-guess yourself. You might perseverate on the things that you’re doing wrong. Your mind is telling you that things are not right, so you start believing those false ideas. It’s crucial to remember that your anxious mind is not in charge. You can have intrusive thoughts about your self-worth, but you don’t have to believe them. If they are troubling you, you can discuss them with a licensed therapist. An online counselor is a great resource for such issues. Depression can be convincing at telling you what you’re bad at, but it’s a liar. Depressive thoughts aren’t who you are. You can talk about these issues with a counselor or a good friend that you trust and find ways to figure out your strengths.


Learn Your Strengths

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Take a moment and think about the things that you’re good at in your life. You can open a notebook, or take out a piece of paper or even use your phone. Jot down three things that you’re good at and enjoy. Having these written down on paper can make you see the reality of the situation. If you’re having trouble finding things that you’re good at that you can also note three things that you’re grateful for in life. Gratitude is something that makes us feel good. Maybe you are thankful for your family. When you write that, it may trigger something in you about being a loyal sister, brother, mother, father, or daughter. Try this exercise and see what you come up with and what resonates with you as far as your strengths.


What Do You Enjoy?

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Using a similar writing exercise, you write down things that you enjoy. When you think about your hobbies, you might envision the skills that you have. Not everybody is good at everything. Each person has their own unique skill set. Maybe you are bilingual. It takes skills to learn a language. Perhaps you’re a wonderful carpenter or builder. You might be an excellent mom. Everybody has certain skills that they excel at, and it’s beneficial to your mental health to honor them. Writing down what you love can make you feel positive about yourself.


Ask A Friend

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When you’re feeling down, it could be difficult to embrace your strengths. So why not ask somebody who cares about you? A friend or family member can see you differently than you see yourself. As a trusted loved one, what they think your strengths are. You might be surprised to find out the answer. It also could make you feel good to hear somebody else express your strengths. And remember, you’re not fishing for compliments, but rather trying to find things that you can embrace about yourself that you like.


Learn About Confidence Online

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In addition to these exercises, you can learn about confidence and psychology online. Visit BetterHelp for more information on human behavior. You can also see a licensed therapist, whether that’s online or in your local area. It’s crucial to embrace your strength so that you feel better about yourself and are living a quality life.

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