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Here Are Some Healthy Coping Mechanisms To Help With Anxiety


Living with anxiety can be difficult for even the strongest of souls. Those who suffer from it know that it can come and go as it pleases and rears its ugly head when it is less than welcome.

Anxiety can be a natural part of your DNA, and something a lot of people must learn to accept. That being said, it doesn’t mean it has to take control of your life, making you become a prisoner in your own body.

Thankfully, there are many ways to incorporate mechanisms into your daily life that can help you manage the flare-ups of anxiety. It just helps to know what they are, and how to work with them.

Anxiety sufferers know the difficulty of dealing with anxious thoughts and attacks. But now is the time to tackle them head-on. Have a read below of the following tips which should assist in finding the right ways to cope with anxiety.


1. Consider Making An Appointment With A Therapist


Even though treating mental health has been thrown to the forefront of our minds, it is still shocking how many stigmas are still around. The thought of seeing a therapist can scare some people when really, it’s one of the most natural and easiest forms of easing anxiety. For any help and guidance, visit BetterHelp.com.

Therapy is a healthy coping strategy and enables a trained professional to analyze the extent of your anxiety and get to the bottom of the triggers. A careful and thorough assessment will be carried out, followed by intense discussion sessions that lead to looking at ways to manage and suppress anxiety.


2. Keep A Note Of The Triggers


If you have suffered from anxiety for a while, you might start to see a pattern form in when it arises and when it gets worse. Start becoming aware of this and note down the situations you are in when it gets worse.

With many people, it can be in the workplace, when you are under extreme pressure and made to feel not good enough. With others, it can be when around louder, more confident people. Each individual is different.

Start to make a handwritten note in a notebook when you feel an attack happen. When this happens, focus on a healthy response mechanism, like taking deep breaths or removing yourself from the situation and taking a walk.


3. Focus On What Has Previously Worked Before.


There are so many healthy coping mechanisms that we can adopt these days that it’s important to remember the ones that worked. Whether you realized that taking CBD really lifted your mood, or having a long conversation with a loved one helped you forget, remember how it helped you and revert to it when you can.

CBD has been known to lift feelings of anxiety and stress, and it could be worth looking at bulk CBD hemp seeds if you want to try a natural method of coping.

An easy way to keep on top of what has worked is to create your own personal anxiety journal and keep it in your handbag. Every time you feel like you dealt with a situation effectively, jot it down. That way, when future attacks happen, you will have something great to refer to.


4. Always Practice Patience And Be Kind To Yourself


At the end of the day, millions of people suffer from anxiety, so remember you are not alone. There is nothing wrong with you. It can take a good amount of time to learn how to deal with feelings of anxiety.

Don’t be harsh on yourself. Be proud that you have recognized the condition and you are working on improving how you deal with it. Everyone is different, so don’t be alarmed if it looks like someone else is dealing with it better than you are.

Remember that anxiety is common, and no two people’s cases are exactly the same. Identify your triggers and make a solid plan of how to healthily deal with the attacks and how you can keep the condition under control. With a little perseverance and strength, you’ll get there.

There are many reasons why you should improve your mental health. Even if you feel fine, improving your overall state can prepare yourself for a rainy day. Here are some ways you can boost your mental health.

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