Ravindra Jadeja Slams Sanjay Manjrekar For His Bits And Pieces Comment

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The World Cup campaign of India is going well and they already qualified for the semi-finals beating Bangladesh with more match to go. The pressure of the World Cup is huge. Recently people are not happy with the commentator Sanjay Manjrekar. He is trying too hard but somewhere his opinions are offensive to few players and even people are brutally trolling him.

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Ravindra Jadeja one of the finest allrounder and an amazing fielder still not been the part of playing XI. During an interview, when it was asked from Sanjay Manjrekar that should Ravindra Jadeja to be the part of playing XI when Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal both have gone for plenty of runs against England. To this, Sanjay Manjrekar told,

“I am not a big fan of bits and pieces players which Jadeja is at this point of his career in 50-over cricket. In Test matches, he is a pure bowler. But in 50-over cricket, I would rather have a batsman and a spinner.”

This remark did not go well with Ravindra Jadeja as he slams him on his comment on social media. Ravindra Jadeja tagged Sanjay Manjrekar and tweeted,

“Still i have played twist the number of matches you have played and i m still playing. Learn to respect ppl who have achieved.i have heard enough of your verbal diarrhoea @sanjaymanjrekar “

Though Ravindra Jadeja was not in the playing XI till now, he was there as a substitute fielder in the field and took 2 brilliant catches. Well, it will be interesting to see whether he will be in Playing XI in the next game or not. But, Ravindra Jadeja replied was right on point to Sanjay Manjrekar.

The semi-final spots are almost finalized with Australia, India, and England and mostly New Zealand. With New Zealand loss against England, it is almost impossible for Pakistan to reach semis. They have to beat Bangladesh by at least 325 runs to get ahead from New Zealand’s run rate. Stay tuned with Entertales for all the updates of the World Cup.

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