Paralyzed Street Dog Walking Again Will Warm Your Heart



Some injuries leaves a person paralyze. Even if proper treatment is taken sometimes it won’t give that much result. But anything can be overcome with great determination.

If a person gets injured, relatives or friends will take care and support but what if, the injury happens to any animal?

It doesn’t have language to speak and express its feelings.

But Animal Aid Unlimited rescue centre in Udaipur are not like others. When they came to know that a street dog left injured in a car accident, they immediately went to that location to give treatment to it.

The dog, Georgie’s hind legs were completely paralyzed. Georgie was unable to walk or stand as his back legs strangely stretched out in front of him. By seeing rescue workers of Animal Aid Unlimited centre, it was so afraid to believe them and tried to run away thinking they may harm him.  

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With the techniques they know, somehow took Georgie to the Animal Aid hospital with them. Georgie had major nerve damage due to car accident.

Usually, the patients with nerve damage get serious problems and it is almost irreversible. There are very less chances that they will stand up again and walk unless they have very brave heart.

The same with Georgie too, even after treatment, he could not stand up. But with extensive treatment given by rescue workers of Animal Aid, he began to show signs of improvement.

One of the rescue workers of Animal Aid Unlimited doing physio therapy to Georgie.


Do you know, Georgie can run again.

Here is the video that will surely warm your heart.


Very glad to know that they are rescue centres to take care of animals. Animal Aid Foundation is doing a great job. If you wish to donate to save the injured street animals in India, you can do so at animal aid unlimited

Many times it has been proved that Dogs are our best friend whether it was a story of Lucci or a dog walked 600 km or a dog saved his family from poisonous snake. Every time they do for us and very little we do for them. Love them in return you will get endless love.

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