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This differently-abled Mumbai Couple’s Story Will Reaffirm Your Trust In Love.

Differently-abled Mumbai Couple’s StoryDifferently-abled Mumbai Couple’s Story


A person who falls in love by seeing physical appearance thinks that is love but he/she doesn’t realize that it is an infatuation. The real love has no boundaries. It sees only internal beauty. A true love makes this world a better place to live in.

These days, there are couples who are struggling to sustain their relationship. This differently-abled Mumbai couple sets an example for those.

The couple has lot more in common right from having met with similar accidents to even ending up sharing the same car who met at a medical convention around 9 years ago. Both had spinal cord injuries in car accident.  Initially, they started supporting each other and used to talk about their accidents. But soon, they started meeting for a movie and coffee with group of friends.




They realized that they had feelings for each other only when she took a 20-day trip abroad.

It’s been 7 years they started dating and they wanted to marry each other.

But, their parents are against it saying, “how both of you will manage. Atleast one of you should be able”. Their unconditional love for each other showed them how they can manage and live happily together. They recently went to Goa together and gathered much many sweet memories.

He said, “We may be differently abled, but together we’re so complete…together we’re two parts of one whole.”



Really, you guys are truly amazing and inspiring. Your unconditional love made me speechless.

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