Are You Aware Of New Year Day In Different Regions Of India?


9. Navreh


Navreh is celebrated as New Year in Kashmir that falls on first day of Chaitra Navratri.


10. Losoong


Losoong is the New Year day festival of Sikkim celebrated in the month of December. Losoong is also known as ‘Sonam Losar’ the farmer’s new year. On this day, people perform the Chham dance which is one of the major attractions of the festival.


11. Hijri


The Islamic new year start on the first day of Muharram. The New Year is celebrated with long-standing customs and traditions for the incoming spring.


12. Cheti Chand

Cheti chand

Cheti Chand is celebrated on the second day of the Chaitra month. It is one of the very auspicious days in Sindhi community as they celebrate the festival to honor of the birth of “Jhulelal”.


13. Pana Sankranti

Pana sankranti New Year Day

It is the New Year day festival of Buddhists and Hindus in Odisha. It falls in the month of April. This day is also considered to be the birthday of Lord Hanuman. People take baths in sacred rivers and visit pilgrimage centers.

Every religion says only one thing…help others and love all creatures. But most of the people fail to understand it and create caste based atrocities.

Respect other religions whole heartedly but stick to your religion tradition and explore the beauty in it. What do you say? Share us in the comments. 16 Indian traditions that has deep scientific meaning.

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