Are You Aware Of New Year Day In Different Regions Of India?


5. Bestu Varas

Bestu varas

Bestu Varas is the New Year day celebrated in Gujarat on the day after Diwali along with religious rituals and traditions. Marwaris of Rajasthan celebrate Diwali as a new year.


6. Pohela Boishakh

Pohela Boishakh

Pohela Boisharkh is the New Year day festival celebrated in West Bengal, Bangladesh and by tribal people in hilly areas of Tripura in the month of April.  On this occasion, people wear new clothes and offer prayers to god with sincerity.


7.  Bohag Bihu


Bohag Bihu is the New Year day festival for Assamese which is celebrated in the month of April as the beginning season of agriculture. There are three bihu festivals in Assam, other two are Maagh and Kaati.


8. Vishu


Vishu is New Year day festival of Kerala that usually falls in the month of April. On the  day of Vishu, people wake up with eyes closed and go to the pooja room, so that the first thing a person can see is the Vishukanni.

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