Dalits Maratha Clash Reaches Pune, Mumbai From Bhima Koregaon- One Dead, Many Vehicles Burnt


Violence broke out in Pune Maharashtra on Monday during the celebration of the 200th anniversary in order to commemorate the Battle Of Koregaon. It was first fought in the year 1818 between British East India Company and Peshwa Faction of Maharashtra Confederacy, at Koregaon Bhīma.

Smoke in a distance at Koregaon

Every year on the eve of New Year the Dalit groups of British troops celebrate their victory over Peshwa Bajirao ills army in Koregaon Bhīma. One person, Rahul 28-year-old dead was sent to Sasoon general hospital for post mortem. Three people were injured, and police van and 25 vehicles were burnt and 50 vehicles were damaged during stone pelting. The Pune rural police said no arrests have been made yet. On Monday around 1:30 p.m the mob was brought under control.

People scattering during the riot

IGP Vishwas Nangare Patil said the situation was under control by 7 p.m. Union Minister Athawale demands protection for the Dalit people and asked for more police forces to be deployed at Koregaon, Bhima to bring the situation under control. Dalit Forces were hurled at Sansawadi and stones were pelted at them. Inspector Kunte confirmed that there was an attack at the memorial last week.


Here Are A Few Disturbing Images From The Riot Scene:

Fire blazing at the riot scene
Broken car in battle of koregaon
Bus Window broken
A car burning in the riot of koregaon
Broken car windshield in Koregaon
Broken cars and crying person in Koregaon riot

The Memorial was built in the memory of the victory of British East India Company in the Battle Of Koregaon. Dalit was one of the troops of British as they were treated as untouchable during those days. The battle was started in the year 1818 in the month of January and 275 people were missing, 500-600 people were killed or wounded. So, every in the memory of the victory the Dalit forces celebrates their victory at the memorial.

Battle of Koregaon memorial

Here Is A Scene From The Riot Of Koregaon:

Posted by Shubham Sushma Surendra on Monday, 1 January 2018


And it is the responsibility of the government to provide safety and education to the Dalit Forces and control all the Nuisance and educate the people, not to damage the properties or vehicles.


Buses Vandalised In Pune

Buses were vandalized in Hadapsar and Fursungi in Pune district on Tuesday. As per the reports of ANI, bus services to Ahmednagar and Aurangabad from Pune were suspended in the morning but resumed later.

Protest In Mumbai

Union Minister of State for Social Justice Ramdas Athawale has appealed to Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis to deploy additional police force in the village and provide protection to the members of the local Dalit community.

Meanwhile, the Hyderabadi government has announced it will reward anyone who helps a beggar to abolish poverty.

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