Reward For Whoever Finds And Help A Beggar To Abolish Poverty


Nowadays the life of humans is so busy that they aren’t concerned about others. So what does one do when they spot a beggar? They either simply ignore them or put some money in their pocket. And luckily if you are in Hyderabad (in Telangana, India) one can inform to the higher officials and get a reward of ₹500.

V.K. Singh supports beggar

Telangana Prisons Department has announced a reward scheme to shelter the beggars and drive the citizens to do so, which will lead the city beggar free.

In a conference, VK Singh, DG, Telangana Prisons Department announced that the department launched a Vidyadanam Programme under which it would be providing education to the beggars. So that further, they can work instead of begging.

“Whoever spots a beggar and informs us about it, we will give them a reward of Rs.500. But in order to get the reward, you have to call the prisons’ control room, and will have to wait at the spot till the time their rescue vehicle reaches them..”

He further quoted that,

With the help of Municipal Corporation and Police department, so far 741 male beggars and 311 female beggars have been rescued from the roads. Among them presently they have 265 male beggars and 70 female beggars are in Anand Ashram.

V. K. Singh public talk.

Their eminent objective in mind is:

Very soon we would provide a place, where a beggar can stay with their family. Our objective is to provide wholesome life to the beggars and ensure that nobody is left on the street in our state.

In order to make the country beggar free, firstly they are restoring the beggars in Hyderabad after that the Government planned to do the same in other cities as well and at last this proposal would be made in Central Government to be taken forward.

They started this on Christmas and plan to do this until the time there are no beggars on the streets. Now, this is a step toward the change we want to see. Well, some people despise beggars. But some things are more hated. Shikhar Dhawan, the famous cricketer and he showed his displeasure traveling with an airline. Check out what happened in between.

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