World’s Most Expensive Cities To Rent An Office! You Will Be Shocked


The Indian Metropolitans Delhi and Mumbai have entered the list of World’s most expensive cities to rent an office in! These expensive office locations are mostly corporate hotspots of the cities. The places are ranked by the rental prices per annum and per square foot. This list has 17 cities among 46 countries across the globe taken into consideration.
The criteria for the ranking included net effective rent, service charges and also government tax on rent to have a fair competition among the cities. The Indian capital takes the sixth place! Amazing, right? Take a look at the cities!


1. Mumbai

Mumbai expensive

The dream city of India made into the list at the seventeenth position! The corporates have to pay a sum of Rs.6,340 ($99) per square foot per year for office spaces in this significant city!


2. Boston

Boston expensive

The office rent in the city of Boston is up to Rs. 6,413 ($100) per square foot per year. This Economic anchor of America has nearly 2,000 startups and is considered to be a world leader in entrepreneurship.


3. Puxi, Shanghai

Puxi, Shanghai expensive

In this Historic center of Shanghai, it costs Rs. 6,670($104) per square foot per year to rent an office space. Puxi is the cultural and entertainment hub of Shanghai.


4. London

Expensive london

The London city’s financial spaces rent an office for the corporates for Rs.6,926 ($108) per square foot per annum. London is the world’s largest financial center and is a globally leading investment destination.

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