Haryana Police Was Harassing A Young Couple, This Man Taught Them A Lesson, Watch Video

Respect To The Man For This Exemplary Statement

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We have seen it a lot of times that the police took a serious interest in the couples who are living in relationship. They consider the couples as culprits and start to harass them. This time, Haryana police were doing their job (harassing the couple) but a man interrupted them and did something that will make you salute him.


Police Is A Subject That Should Be Avoided

Haryana Police

Police are for the safety of civilians. But, in India, the police is considered a subject that should be avoided at all cost. Moreover, almost everyone is afraid of police and they think multiple times before questioning anything from police. To conclude, we have seen police doing whatever they want.


Haryana Police Harassed A Young Couple

Haryana Police

In Rohtak, Haryana, a young couple was trying to spend some quality time at Tiyari Lake. The couple was spotted by Haryana police officials and they started to harass them. They noted down the information of the couple including name and phone number. Then the police officers forced the couple to call their parents.


A Man Jumped To The Rescue

Haryana Police

Then a man came to rescue the couple from the situation. The man named Pravin Malik introduced himself as a lawyer. He asked the police officials why they were harassing the couple. He further asked that under which law they are operating against the couple. The police officials did not saw it coming and they had no reply to throw. They try to save themselves by saying that they are following orders but they had nothing in writing.

You can check the full video here

Thanks to Pravin Malik who spoke up against the whimsical deeds of police. He also made an exemplary statement that we should not tolerate the harassment. He deserves a salute, what do you say? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Despite all this the Indian police are the coolest, check the photos that prove it.

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