Hawaiian Airlines Flight Figured Out A Way To Time Travel – Find Out How!

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Time Traveled by flying back to a city across timezone

This happens to be another curious case of time travel. Passengers abroad flight No HAL446 of Hawaiian Airlines were given complimentary time travel experience. They got an opportunity to celebrate New Year twice.

At Auckland Airport, Flight No HAL446 was scheduled to depart at 11:55 PM and arrive at 9:45 PM in Honolulu on 31 December 2017. But because of some unavoidable circumstances, an approximate delay of 10 minutes lead it to depart at 12:05 AM on January 1, 2018, and arrive at 10:36 AM on December 31, 2017.

Hawaiian Airlines

Sam Sweeney, a US Journalist got his eye on this and posted the same on twitter. And as expected the folks at Twitter trolled it as much as they could.


1. When You Spend Your Whole Life On Time Travel And An Airline Pilot Does It In 10 Minutes

2. He’s Pro In Time Travelling

3. When You Realise An Airline Pilot Achieved What You Couldn’t In Decades

4. Opportunity For Another New Year Resolution

5. That Would Pinch My Pocket

6. Not Everyone One Enjoyed It Some Got Offended Too

7. Oops That’s Offensive

8. On The Serious Note…

What was a normal technical delay for an airlines HAL 446 turned out time travel for its passengers and a topic of fun for folks on Twitter? Some shared facts, others trolled, a few other used sarcasm but everyone enjoyed in the end.

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