16 Indian Traditions That Has Deep Scientific Meaning

Indian TraditionsIndian Traditions


India is beautiful because of its dharma and traditions. Every ritual that Indians follow has deep meaning inside that shocks the so-called scientists even today. Every state in India has its own tradition and culture. The world recognises and appreciates India for its traditions.

Some countries make sarcasm of our Indian culture and traditions. But the thing is they are not aware of the great scientific reasons behind those. Our saints introduced some traditions to help mankind.

Have you ever wondered why there are bells in a temple? Why a bride applies Mehendi during her marriage?

Hold on…no need not to worry because today we are discussing only that.

1. Offering Pooja To Idol


Our brain remembers what we see. If you focus on a specific photograph or a picture then brain catches it very quickly. It helps in building a solid association while the energy of your psyche will help with holding the same.


2.  Wearing Bangles


By wearing bangles, the power going out through the outer skin is again returned to one’s own body. Its consistent friction builds the blood flow level. The ring-formed bangles send energy back to the body.


3. Touching Elder’s Feet


A grey hair and age is not a sign of wisdom. It can be understood only if you meet such persons. Eldership is nothing but having knowledge and experience related to life and spirituality. They are called elders. Touching the feet of such elders encourages the flow of energy and when elders touch the head of the person in blessing, energy is again exchanged between them. It gives an inner glow. The blessings received from such people gives strength.


4.  Applying Sindoor


Sindoor is prepared using mercury, turmeric, and lime. Mercury keeps the brain active, alert and also helps in controlling blood pressure, activating sexual drive and libidinal energy.


5. Fasting


Indians do fasting on some special days. Our body accumulates lot many toxins and fasting relaxes our body mechanism and cleanses the body by detoxifying it. It also cleans the digestive system.


6. Throwing Coins Into A River


We often see people throwing coins into a river even while crossing bridge in train. In past, we used to have copper coins. And copper is exceptionally helpful to the human body. As rivers are the main providers of drinking water, taking such water gives great health. So, it became a custom and ensured that all of us follow the practice.


7. Namaste – Joining Two Hands


Joining the two hands together denotes the pressure points of eyes, ears and mind. It enacts the pressure which helps us remember that individual for quite a while.


8. Red Kumkum Between The Eyebrows


The red ‘kumkum’ that is kept between the eyebrows (Ajna Chakra (third-eye chakra)) holds energy in the human body and control the different levels of concentration. It encourages the blood supply to the face muscles.


9. Wearing Toe Rings


Wearing toe ring on the finger strengthens the uterus. It directs the bloodstream and the menstrual cycle gets regular. A specific nerve from the second toe connects the uterus and goes to the heart. Only toe rings that are made with silver are used, as it assimilates polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body.


10. Sikha On Male Head


It is the sensitive spot on the head where there is a nexus of all nerves and Sikha protects this spot. Below in the brain, there is Brahmarandhra where the sushumnã (nerve) arrives from the lower part of the body.


11. Applying Mehendi


Applying mehendi prevents too much stress because it cools the body and keeps the nerves from becoming tense.


12. Doing Surya Namaskar


Looking at sunbeams in the early morning is very good for eyes. And mornings are the best part of the day.


13. Not Sleeping With Your Head Pointing North


If a person sleep with head towards north, then his body’s magnetic field become completely asymmetrical to the Earth’s Magnetic field which causes problems related to blood pressure as our heart works harder in order to overcome this asymmetry of Magnetic fields. Also iron from the whole body starts to congregate in the brain which causes various severe diseases.


14. Bells In The Temple


The scientific reason behind bells is that their ring clears our mind and helps us stay sharp and keep our full concentration on devotional purpose.


15. No Meat On Particular Days


Most of the people don’t know that vegetarian food gives more energy when compared to non-vegetarian food. And non-veg guys don’t accept this fact. Addiction of meat can cause diseases like piles, kidney stones, colon cancer etc.


16. Ear Piercing


Ear piercing is done at the very young age. It helps in intellect development and also increases the thinking power and decision-making abilities.

Don’t try to connect everything with science always. If you want to know the answers then stop googling and start meditate in silence.

If you know any other interesting fact related to our Indian tradition, then share us in the comments. Wanna know traditional Indian dresses of different states? Check out here.

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