This Girl Misused Police Machinery And The Reason Makes You Angry

Police MachineryPolice Machinery


Some girls misuse law to such an extent and due to such girls, the real sufferers face very serious problem.

And what this 24-year-old woman from Latur district, Maharashtra state did is beyond anybody’s imagination. She approached police to track down his boyfriend after he stopped responding to her calls.


Yes, you read it right.

She sent Kondhwa police on a chase after her boyfriend. She approached the Kondhwa police with a complaint letter claiming that she was “gangraped and assaulted” by the man, his brother and friends.


When the police immediately launched a search and tracked him down, the police learnt shocking news that they two were in love and wanted to marry. As there was no FIR, no action was taken against the woman over a false case.


“We decided not to take any legal action on humanitarian grounds but the woman has certainly misused the police machinery,” Kondhwa police’s senior inspector Milind Gaikwad said.

What that man said when police questioned really makes you laugh.


He said that he was in love with the woman but fed up with text and online messages so he had stopped talking to her. He told police that he wanted to marry her but was not aware about her arrival in Pune.

However, the woman was taken to the police station to cross verify his claim. Later, the duo was let off by the police and they got married on October 27.


This woman definitely needs punishment. How can she create a fake gang rape story? If some action is taken against her for wasting precious time of police and for using a serious crime like gang rape so casually, then only no other woman comes up with fake stories and the real sufferers get justice.

According to our dharma, if a person commits mistake, his/her parents are the ones to be punished first. Because as a parent they failed to teach their children proper ethical values which further impacts society in a bad way.

What do you say? Share us in the comments. And there will be always real sufferers. Due to these kind of people the real sufferers won’t get justice. These 10 brutal rape cases of 2017 speaks all about it.

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