Can You Spot Differences In The Pictures? You Will Have Tough Times, Want To Accept The Challenge



A lot of times, we do not believe the things that we just hear, as seeing by our own eyes is the only thing that makes us believe. However, our eyes are not correct all the time. Yes you have heard it right! To test your vision, we have brought you few images from which you have to spot differences and errors. Try using your brain with eyes as the looks can be deceptive. Here we go.




If you look closely, there are several differences between the images. Did you spot them?


OK we have got you covered.

1. Ring in the middle finger of the right hand

2. Background is a bit different


Tea Pump


Finding differences between these 2 will give you hard times. Do you have the eagle vision?


Probably not, so here are the answers.

1. The writings on the red and the yellow machines are interchanged

2. GSS is written instead of GAS


Night Watch


Looking at both left and right side pictures, they seem same. However, there are multiple differences between them. Take your time to spot them.


Did you spot differences? Ok we have brought them for you.

1. Moon

2. Bottom right corner


Giant Clock


There is something weird on the right image and it is not the color of the bus.


Found? ok here is the answers.

1. Positioning of the clouds

2. The cloud is missing

3. Different time in the clock

4. No. of the bus


Snake Charmer


It looks like both of the pictures are exactly same. You need to focus a bit to find the answer as the differences are not that much detailed.


1. Basket

2. Tail of cobra


Deceptive Granny


The differences are not that much hard to find in this one. But still, impossible to find if you are not focused.


1. Wrist Watch

2. Top right corner

3. Leg of the stool


Roman Conqueror


Both of the pictures show a Roman conqueror. Somehow, the right one is showing something weird can you spot it?


1. Design of the war helmet

2. The spear is missing

3. WTF? An airplane


Steamy Engine

spot differences

By this time you would have grown accustomed to find the differences. However, you will still have a tough time spotting differences in this one.


1. The number is different

2. Steam from the second steam blower

3. Ashes?

 Were you able to spot differences? Share your score in the comments.

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