Few Mysterious Temples Where Men Are Not Allowed To Enter Inside


India is also a place for so many mysterious and magical things apart from its glorious history. Some things can never be proved even with science. It is a known fact to every Indian that married women are not allowed to enter “Ayyappa temple” which is in Kerala. But you know, there are temples where men are strictly prohibited to enter on some particular days. Worshipping is given the first place in India. That is why there are so many temples and all were constructed according to shastras and where people follow the rules with great devotion.

But there are some temples which have strange rules. However, there is always a strong reason behind everything. People visit temples mostly with families. But you can’t visit those temples if you go with entire family. Why because men are strictly prohibited to enter those temples. Yes, you read it right. Here are the mysterious temples where men are not allowed.


5. Lord Brahma Temple, Rajasthan


This is the temple of Lord Brahma which is located in Pushkar, Rajasthan. As temple lies on the shore of Pushkar Lake, the place got the name Pushkar. The unmarried men are not allowed to enter this temple. Long ago, Lord Brahma decided to perform a Maha Yagna at this place but the wife of Brahma, Saraswathi was late to arrive at that time. According to yagna rule, one should perform the yagna with wife and not alone. As Saraswathi didn’t arrive at yagna early, Lord Brahma married Gayatri devi and started yagna. Just after the yagna has begun, Saraswathi arrived at the place. She became furious after seeing someone sitting next to her husband and cursed Brahma. So, it’s been saying that unmarried men are not allowed to enter this temple.


4. Attukal Temple, Kerala

Attukal Temple Kerala

This temple is located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala which is dedicated to goddesses kanyaka devi. During Sankranti festival days, men are not allowed to enter this temple. During those days, they offer very special rituals to goddess kanyaka where the rituals should be organized by women only. During the days of Sankranti festival, about 30 lakh women devotees will participate.


3. Kanya Kumari, Tamil Nadu

Kanya kumari Tamil Nadu

It is one of the Shakti peethas in India. According to the temple history, after the death of goddess Sati devi, Lord Shiva with a heavy heart was carrying the corpse of Sati Devi to Kailasa. During that time, her backbone has fallen here and so temple became shakti peetha. Bhagavathi Mata of this temple who is the form of goddess Parvati is sanyasi. She is called Kanya Kumari devi. The restriction was formed that men who enter should be unmarried.


2. Chakkulathukavu Temple, Kerala


In this temple, people worship goddess Durga with great devotion. Along with many rituals, there are two special rituals which will be performed here every year. One is Naari-pooja during Sankranti festival and another is dhanu pooja during dhanur maasam. During these auspicious days, men are not allowed to enter this temple. Only women take care of every work there during those days. The people here strongly believe that goddess Durga will get angry if any men enter the temple during that period.


1. Matha temple, Bihar

Matha temple Bihar

It is located in Muzaffarpur in Bihar. During some auspicious days, men are not allowed to enter this temple. If anyone enters, they will be punished in the presence of village heads. Every work in that temple will be organized by women during those days. Even women should follow some rule and principles to perform any ritual there.

Make sure you know the rules and regulations of temples before you visit. If you know any other such places, share us in the comments.

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