Indians Are Falling Sick Because They Work For So Much Of Time, Says Study

Indians Falling SickIndians Falling Sick


Everyone wants to lead a happy balanced life. But it is often wrongly misinterpreted by many youngsters these days.

To lead a luxury life, most of the people in India work for too much of time to earn lot of money. Some says the reason, future security and where as some say, to lead a luxury life but some, really work for extra income to run their family.

Going to work in the morning, working till late nights has become the trend these days. The saddest part is, it happens with most of the youngsters. They get super tired and eagerly wait for some vacation.




While spending more time in earning money, they forget that they miss the present. Everyone is in rat race to earn money by gaining more degrees. Life is beautiful when you learn to balance your work, money, family, relationships, career, and love.

In a study by The Atlas & conducted by Mintel says that, our jobs are making us ill and stressed. The data collected by Mintel last June shows that around one in every five Indians between the age of 18 to 64 is concerned about being tired. That's 22% of our working population! If we look at females alone, the number spikes to 25%.




It clearly says why there are so many meditation and yoga centers are popping up these days.

Do you know, India ranked 4th on the most vacation-deprived nation list in 2016. And on a weekly basis, most millennials work for about 52 hours which is way more than what citizens of other countries clock in.




Most of the workplaces officially demand 8-9 hours a day from employees and it is often seen that the work load given to them is not possible to finish within office hours.

Is it really worth falling sick, gets stressed and spoil health just for few more bucks?

Job satisfaction is highly important. If your job doesn’t give that, it impacts negatively on mind and heart. Health is the real wealth. What’s happening is people are neglecting their health and spending more time on earning money and again investing that same money to get health.

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Isn’t it time to sit down and think what’s really lacking?

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