This Man Drove Car Into Middle Of The River As GPS Said So!



At certain point in our lives, we all experience absence of mind. Most of the people come across it in the interview hall.

But this man kept his life into risk by blindly following GPS.

Just because, his car’s navigation system showed the way through river, a driver in China drove his car right into the middle of a river.




Police rushed to the spot to rescue both the car and the driver from the rising water.




It almost took half a day for policemen to complete the rescue operation. They had to call in a bulldozer to rescue the vehicle.




The incident occurred on April 1 in Anhui, China, according to a report in




This is how users on Weibo reacted to this incident




This warns everyone to not to follow their car's GPS blindly. When you are not aware of destination, it is better to take the help of passer by’s instead of blindly following GPS. After all, people live in those particular areas knows direction better than GPS.

By the way, have you ever experienced any wrong directions from your car’s GPS? Sometimes wrong directions lead to right destinations in life. What do you say?


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