Miss England Finalist Melisa Raouf Creates History; First Contestant To Compete Without Makeup

Melisa Raouf Is The First Contestant To Compete Without Makeup

Melisa Raouf Bare Face Contestant Miss Englandvia

In today’s society, there are specific beauty standards; debatably, it is believed that beauty pageants strengthen those standards. However, we have a finalist from a beauty pageant, Miss England 2022, who did something that deserves everyone’s attention and appreciation. A 20-year-old political science primary student from South London has created history in the field of beauty pageant competitions. But, of course, we are talking about Melisa Raouf, who took part in Miss England without makeup. In the 94 years of the pageant’s history, no one has ever seen such a happening.


Not Afraid To Share Who I Am, Says Melisa Raouf

Melisa Raouf First Contestant Without Makeup

“This is who I am; I’m not afraid to share who I am. I wanted to show who Melisa truly is.” On 22nd August 2022, Melisa Raouf stunned her judges in the semi-finals as she took a catwalk without any cosmetics. Regardless of this being unusual, the judges were highly dazzled by her confidence.

 “It means a lot to me as I feel many girls of different ages wear makeup because they feel pressured to do so,” said Melisa to UK’s Independent newspaper. By this act of wearing no makeup, she wants to remove the toxic-beauty standards set by social media.


Melisa Hopes To Encourage Women

Melisa Raouf Miss England Finalist

“If one is happy in their own skin, we should not be made to cover up our face with makeup.” Our flaws make us who we are, and that’s what makes every individual unique. I think people should love and embrace their flaws and blemishes, as we know real beauty lies within simplicity,” says Melisa.

Melisa hopes to inspire and encourage women to feel comfortable in their own skin. She further shares that she has never been a fan of cosmetics. “When I started wearing makeup at a young age, I never felt comfortable in my own skin; I never felt I met beauty standards,” she explained. She shares that she recently accepted that “I am beautiful in my own skin.” Therefore, she took this bare-faced challenge for the beauty pageant.


Finals In October

Miss England Finalist Melisa Raouf

In addition to impressing her judges in the semis, she will now compete in the finals this October. As per reports, she will compete against 40 other women for the Miss England crown. She plans to go bare-faced again, saying, “I’m going to the finals bare-faced. I would love to use my Miss England platform to empower natural beauty and eliminate this toxic mindset.”

Melisa reveals that she has been getting many messages from different girls saying her act has instigated confidence within themselves. With mental health being such an important topic, Melisa aims to make women realize their natural beauty. “I feel like all girls are beautiful in their own way. I feel like I’ve done it for all girls,” said Melisa.

This act of Melisa has indeed inspired a lot of women. After all, everyone is beautiful in their rawest form!

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