US Trip From India: First-Time Travel Guide For Indian Travellers

US Trip

Planning a foreign trip is undoubtedly exciting, especially if it is your first trip. Besides, a first-time US trip needs a lot of planning and precautions as you visit an unknown land.

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The US is one of the most preferred international destinations for many travelers from India. Considering its captivating geographical features and a wide variety of flora and fauna, the US attracts many foreign travelers each year.

This article provides a few tips for travelers to plan their first trip to the US.


Ultimate US Trip Guide For First-time Travelers


Those looking forward to a perfect sojourn in the US can refer to these tips for a hassle-free and successful trip to the country:


1. Plan Your Budget

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Setting a budget is the first and foremost priority while planning a trip. US trip is undoubtedly an expensive one. Moreover, if it’s the first time, expenses may exceed expectations. Therefore, setting a budget is an important part to start with. Make sure to take the basic price ticket, accommodation cost, tour guide costs, and other expenses to make a budget. Remember that there would be various other expenses apart from the basic ones.

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2. Plan The Places Where You Will Visit

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The diverse landscape of the US ranges from mountains to oceans; it is a vast country with six different time zones. Therefore, visiting each place in a single trip can be hectic. Moreover, it will affect the expenses and exceed the budget. Therefore, one must select a particular region or two and plan the visit accordingly.

For instance, if a traveler loves clubbing, one can choose Las Vegas or San Francisco. However, NYC, California, and Washington, DC, can be on the priority list if one wants to explore nature and adventurous activities.


3. Set An Itinerary

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After choosing the places to visit, it is necessary to plan the itineraries accordingly. Every region has its specialties and wide attractions. Therefore, one must assess the duration required to cover each region and plan the stay accordingly. The best thing would be to make a list of which places to visit and the duration of days needed to visit each place.


4. Get Your Travel Visa

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The most important thing while planning a visit to the US is applying for a tourist visa for USA from IndiaVisa is mandatory while visiting a foreign land; therefore, one must apply for it beforehand while planning the US tour. Therefore, keep the necessary documents handy and apply for the visa well ahead of the trip.

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5. Be Aware Of All Health Advisories In Place

Those planning to travel to the US need to stay updated with the health advisory tips of the place. Also, one must take the necessary health precautions and carry the required medicines while planning a foreign trip.


6. Be Aware Of COVID Guidelines

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According to the CDC, one must be fully vaccinated from India to the USA. In addition, every adult and child from 2 years of age must wear masks in public places. Moreover, people should maintain social distancing while interacting in public.


7. Get Your Travel Insurance Plan

Travel Insurance

Opting for an international travel insurance plan while planning a USA trip is necessary. Travel insurance covers a traveler’s financial expenses caused due to any sort of loss or theft of any valuable belongings. Therefore, getting an international travel insurance policy safeguards the traveler from unforeseen incidents in distant lands. In addition, one can opt for a basic or comfort option when buying a travel insurance plan.

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8. Get Medical Insurance

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Health issues may arise anytime, and medical expenses in the USA are quite high. Therefore, a medical insurance plan turns a savior in case of health-related problems in a foreign country. Moreover, medical insurance keeps a traveler worry-free about sudden medical expenses.


9. Consider Renting A Car To Get Around

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To see and explore the US in a better way, one can rent a car to travel around the locations and enjoy the scenic beauty. However, one must apply for an international driving license and be comfortable with left-hand driving cars. One needs to follow strict guidelines while driving on US roads. Moreover, renting a car will increase the expenses as well. Therefore, one must consider all the factors and consider renting a car.


10. Be Mindful Of The Rules And Regulations

Travelers must abide by government rules and guidelines while traveling to any foreign country. Therefore, before visiting the USA, one must note the rules and regulations on smoking in public places, driving guidelines, etc. Moreover, one should also be careful about using slang as it might not be accepted everywhere in the US. Make sure to learn about the necessary rules and guidelines while driving in different US states.

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Travel Internationally

One must conduct the necessary research and go through the necessary trip planning to explore the USA in the best possible ways. Some crucial guidelines are discussed above to help a first-time traveler plan an exotic trip to the USA.

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