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Traveling is interesting and thrilling to explore new things, new people, and their lives. It helps in understanding different cultures, languages, food habits, enjoying the climatic change, tourist spots, etc. Everyone will like to travel to different places, but everyone can’t commit to other lifestyles. Apart from them, the few people choose their career itself as a traveler; they are more explorer than others. In this article, we will see the famous cross border road trips from India.


Qualities Of Traveler

To become a successful traveler, we need to be explorer, adaptable, curious, easy-going with people, sharp observer, independent and organized, have enough money and accept random jobs wherever you go. Only all these qualities will make a successful traveler. Traveling to the border of the nation is more thrilling than any place. We can see two nations of people with different cultures and languages. Let’s check out the seven cross border road trips from India. Before starting a trip, be prepared with things and a guide to travel; without a guide is more thrills, but it is safe to go with a guidebook and plan from an experienced traveler.


Borders Of India To Travel On The Cross-Road?

India shares its border with other countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Thailand. Traveling to the border itself is more thrilling; if it is on the road, it gives more thrill and excitement. Before we travel, let us search for places and entry requirements from any known source or travel guide.


1. Nepal

Cross Border Road Trips

Border with Nepal, China, and Bhutan is the second-highest border covering Kangchenjunga, Jongsong Peak, Kabru, and it covers many highest peaks. To travel from New Delhi, we need to cross Uttar Pradesh and reach Sunauli Border to enter Nepal. The distance is around 1150 km. To travel along with the Nepal border Indian driving license is sufficient. No visa is required to visit Nepal. Any personal ID like Voter ID, passport, ration card, driving license, or any other identification card issued by the issued by Kathmandu Indian Embassy is enough.


2. Bangladesh

Cross Border Road Trips

The best route to Bangladesh would be the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. You can take the Kolkata Agartala route as well. The distance is around 1850 km. Sundarbans and Dhaka are places to visit without fail. It must keep in hand documents like vehicle documents, Indian International driving permit, and carnet. If you are holding a valid Indian passport, you are eligible to avail visa from the Bangladesh embassy.


3. Bhutan

Cross Border Road Trips

Bhutan is the happiest country, bordered by China in the north and India to the south. To reach Bhutan’s capital Thimpu from New Delhi, we need to cross Uttar Pradesh and Assam. From Guwahati, you can enter Phuntsholing village in Bhutan then reach Thimpu. The total distance is around 1750 km. To enter into the Bhutan vehicle license is enough; no passport and visa are required.


4. Myanmar

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Sand beaches and golden pagodas are the famous places to visit in Myanmar and it is also known as the land of gold. To reach Myanmar, we need to drive through New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland, and Manipur. From there, you can enter Myanmar from the Moreh Border checkpoint and then head to Mandalay, and you can reach the capital Yangon. The distance to Yangon is around 3600 km. A visa from Myanmar Embassy is required to travel. Custom import permits, special overland permits, and MMT permits are also required.


5. Sri Lanka

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It is an island neighboring country surrounded by beaches. You might think about how is it possible to drive all the way to Sri Lanka when it is an island country surrounded by beaches and coral reefs from all sides. Well, it is actually possible. If you are traveling from Delhi, you need to cross six states Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu, you need to go to Tuticorin port. The distance from New Delhi to Tuticorin port is around 2750 km. From Tamil Nadu, you can opt for a ferry to transport your vehicle from Tuticorin port to Colombo port in Sri Lanka. It requires an international driving license, carnet to get in advance. Sri Lanka will grant a 30-day e-visa.


6. Thailand

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Thailand is also a nice place to visit. It is known for beaches, temples, royal palaces. To go to Bangkok, we need to travel northeastern states of India, and through the way to Myanmar, we can reach Thailand. If you are traveling from New Delhi to Imphal we will cross Moreh, Kale, Bagan, Inle Lake, Yangon, Maesot, and then enter Tak to reach Bangkok. Using a valid passport we can get an e-visa and can use an international driving license to drive there.


7. Malaysia

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Malaysia is also one of the borders to visit through riding. We need to travel to Myanmar and Thailand to reach Kuala Lumpur. Indians should take a visa to visit Malaysia. An International driving license and carnet are required.

A Traveler should prepare things in advance to travel anywhere. There should not be an urge process, should take time to visit which is important in exploring the places.

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