3 Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes After Months Of No Use

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Impeccable makeup takes effort and a lot of practice. Those delicate brush strokes, using the right products, knowing which brush to use when and so many other little things that create the perfect look. But, to get that finesse, you need to have the basics right. A complete set of makeup brushes! They are the backbone of your beauty kit. Your brushes will decide how flawless your makeup will look. And, to ensure that you get a stunning look every single time, it’s important to keep them clean.

Even though makeup brushes do not require much care and maintenance on a daily basis, but it is still essential to clean these sacred tools from time to time. Unwashed brushes can breed bacteria, and the build-up of makeup products can make the bristles rough. This build-up of dirt and oils on your makeup brushes can cause acne breakouts and possibly rashes when used. Yikes!

To avoid such situations, follow any one of these three ways to clean your makeup brushes:


Method 1: Using Soap & Water

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  • Know-How Often to Wash Your Makeup Brushes

If you keep your brushes clean regularly, it will save time and energy when it comes to washing them. Makeup brushes that deal with products such as foundation and powder require more frequent washing. Eye makeup and concealer brushes should be washed bi-weekly and the rest once a month.

  • Run the Bristles Under Lukewarm Water

Hold the brushes upside-down under lukewarm water (bristle side up). It will prevent the water from getting inside the metal clasp and ruining the glue that holds the bristles together. Let the water run through the bristles until most of the old makeup rinses away. Gently rub the bristles on your palm to wash out any makeup stuck inside. Also, make sure that you do not use hot water as the heat may damage the bristles.

  • Take Some Shampoo and Cleanse the Bristles

Use a moderate amount of shampoo on the bristles. Loosen up the makeup build-up and dirt by gently massaging the soapy water into the bristles. Rinse and repeat until the water runs clear.

  • Pat the Makeup Brush Bristles Dry

After this step, use a towel to remove the moisture gently. Then, you can reshape the bristles if they become crooked. Later, set the brush on a counter and let it dry.


Method 2: Removing Oil-Based Makeup From The Brushes

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  • Examine the Makeup Brush

If you have used your makeup brush for cream-based makeup, using soap and water alone will not be enough to remove the makeup. It requires some oil to help loosen the makeup, especially if it has been on the brush for a while.

  • Pour Some Oil into a Paper Towel

In this step, fold a paper towel and pour a drop of oil onto it. Use a light oil like olive or almond. Then, dip the bristles into the oil and give them a swirl on the oiled part of the paper towel instead of soaking the brush in the oil. Gently run the brush across the towel, loosening the dirt and color.

  • Use the Soap and Water Method Ahead

Once you finish the above steps, continue the soap and water method to clean your makeup brushes.


Method 3:Taking Care Of Your Makeup Brushes And Keeping Them Clean

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  • Avoid Storing the Brushes Upright While Drying them

Doing this is essential because if the water soaks down into the shaft, it will cause rusting and rotting on the brush handle. Only store the brushes upright once they are completely dry.

  • Avoid Using a Hairdryer or Flatiron on Your Makeup Brushes

 Intense heat from a hairdryer or flatiron will ruin the brush fibers since makeup brushes are very fragile.

  • Dry Your Makeup Brushes in a Well- Ventilated Area

Drying the brushes in an enclosed area will prevent the bristles from getting enough air-flow which may cause mildew.

  • Consider Disinfecting Your Makeup Brushes

Disinfect your makeup brushes with a vinegar solution while washing or setting them to dry. The strong smell of vinegar will vanish once the bristles get dry.


Choose A Brush Of Perfection For Makeup Application

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Keeping your makeup brushes clean will add to their effectiveness while applying makeup. Also, it is imperative that you have good quality makeup brushes that do not get ruined easily after washing. You can research makeup brush online or choose premium products from luxury brands like Vega. They provide a wide range of products ranging from foundation, powder, contour, and makeup brushes. Explore the website and purchase it right away!

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