Here Is The Reason Why Pondicherry Known As The French Colony Of India

Puducherry, French Colony Of India

French Colony Pondicherry Indiavia

The capital and most populous city of India’s Union Territory of Puducherry is Pondicherry, presently known as Puducherry. The city is located on India’s southeast coast, in the Puducherry district. It is near the state of Tamil Nadu, with which it has the most in common in terms of tradition, language, and culture. Such a place is Pondicherry, which will never stop surprising you with its unique designs. As a well-known beach town, it also provides you with an incredible nightlife. One will wish to explore this adorable French town in India ever further. Here’s why it is known as the French Colony of India.


Know Why Pondicherry Is The French Colony

French Colony

The southern city of Pondicherry is the Indian Côte d’Azur because of its beautiful architecture and lush gardens. The Riviera of the East, where French style and vision are still prevalent, is another name for it. French ties to the region date to 1674. During the period, a significant trading post was made there by the French East India Company. François Martin, the French East India Company governor, established the trading hub. Over time, this colony developed into the main French settlement in India. Finally, however, wars broke out among European businesses over who would get the more significant share of the trade with India.

Pondicherry French Colony Of India

Later, the Dutch and British invaded the city alternately. However, it always came back under French rule. Pondicherry was finally handed over to India in 1962 amid the massive decolonization wave. India and France exchanged ratification instruments on August 16th, 1962.

Pondicherry French Colony Of India

By this, France granted India complete control over the areas it occupied. From July 1st, 1963, Pondicherry and the few other enclaves were under the Union Territory of Puducherry. Puducherry is the city’s current name officially. However, French colonialism’s legacy endures. It remains in its cuisine, language, and architecture.

Pondicherry French Colony Of India

Pondy is home to colonial structures from the 18th century and blooming bougainvilleas. It gives Pondy, a French colony on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, it’s color. However, with vibrant festivities all year long, it is also undeniably Indian. From the city, quiet beaches that are great for swimming and sunrise strolls extend to the north and south. It also has the very popular Auroville, which attracts many tourists and is one of the most peaceful places in India.

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