Tips For Choosing The Best Wall Paints For The Exterior Walls Of Your Home

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Choosing wall paints for the exteriors of your home is daunting, but luckily, if you are well aware of some tips, it will be less challenging for you. If you are confused about making this decision, then you have landed in the right place. The appearance of exterior walls immediately creates an idea about your home in the minds of viewers. A beautiful coat of exterior paint can make your home look new and well maintained and will surely grab many’s attention. With a variety of paints available in the market these days, this decision can be dilemmatic. To your aid, here are some of the best tips to follow while selecting exterior wall paints.


1. Color Combinations

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The color of the exterior walls immediately impacts the viewer of the house. Therefore, while selecting wall paints for the exterior wall, choose a single shade or exterior wall paint color combination of two shades. This will make your house seem clean and organized from the exterior as well. On the other hand, too many shades will make it look clumsy and cluttered. If you think that a single color will create a boring look, then you can go for a monochromatic look by using various shades of a single color.


2. Invest In Waterproofing

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Waterproofing your homes will extend the life of your exterior wall paints. As the exterior walls are exposed to extreme weather conditions. These paints mustn’t get damaged easily by the rain. To ensure that the exterior paints of your house withstand any water damage, it is advisable to invest in waterproof paints. These paints have water-resistant features that safeguard them from extreme monsoons that our country experiences. Such paints come with a warranty which makes them worth your money.


3. Durability

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One of the most important aspects while buying exterior paints is durability. Getting your house’s exterior walls will cost you a good amount. Therefore, these wall paints must last at least 10-15 years without getting damaged due to several factors. All paints come with different durability. For instance, paints used for creating wall texture will have different durability from washable wall paints or UV-resistant wall paint. Check for the paints’ durability to ensure that your home looks raw and fresh for a longer period.


4. Selection Of Colors

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With so many colors available in the market, choosing a color for your home is confusing. Luckily with the knowledge of the correct tips and tricks, you will surely choose the perfect color for your home. Different colors have different qualities. For example, avoid using black as it absorbs heat that would raise your home’s temperature. You can also use undertones of specific colors to highlight the essential features of the house Some of the best colors for exterior wall paints are white, gray, brown, cream, etc.


5. Choose Paints That Make Your House More Appealing

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An exterior wall paint that attracts the human eye and serves its purpose well. The exterior wall paint is the first thing that creates an impression of your house on the viewer. Therefore, you need to make it look attractive. Use vibrant colors for exterior wall paints as they can easily catch a viewer’s attention. Further, just like the interiors of your house, the exterior of your house also needs furnishings to complement the overall appearance.

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