MBBS Student Used WhatsApp To Help Delivering A Baby On Moving Train



It seems the climax scene from the movie 3 Idiots happened in real. But this guy used whatsapp to perform a delivery.

The days have been changed a lot due to Internet. In previous days, people used to hesitate to buy anything from online but now, things have been changed. Even any psychological help, people in and around the world seeking help through Internet.

Now, there are hardly very few people who use the basic SMS app. Whatsapp replaced it and has become a mini document sharing service too.

But, whatsapp saved 2 lives.

The final year MBBS student Vipin Khadse performed a complicated delivery in moving train Ahmedabad–Puri Express by taking instructions through whatsapp. The 24-year-old pregnant woman, Chitralekha went into labour while travelling.


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At first, vipin was afraid of delivering the baby as he was still in college and did not have the required experience. As no doctor found on the train, he took the things into his own by following his senior’s instructions thorough whatsapp.




Speaking to Times of India, Vipin said, “The delivery was complicated because instead of the head, the baby’s shoulder was hanging out of the vagina. I uploaded a photo in a WhatsApp group of doctors for help. A senior resident Shikha Malik guided me on the phone to conduct the delivery. I had to use chilled water bottles to stop her bleeding. The amniotic fluid had completely dried. A midwife on the train helped me.”


On reaching Nagpur station, a female doctor from the railway hospital entered the compartment in order to provide medical attention to both mother and baby.




Vipin said that he wants to become a surgeon and took to Facebook to share his joy.

You did a great job and saved 2 lives. 

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