How Indian Coast Guard Responded And Saved Pakistani Commandos Will Make You Proud



India always stands first when it comes to helping others.

It is known that military court in Pakistan ordered the execution of Kulbhushan Jadhav, a former Navy officer on 9th April.

On the same day at around 8:30 pm, the Maritime Rescue Coordination centre in Mumbai got a distress call from Karachi saying that a speed boat of the Pakistani Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) had gone missing while on a routine patrol off the IMBL (International Maritime Boundary Line).


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Having first priority to save the life of others, Indian coast guard ordered ICGS Ankit, ICGS Samrat and ICGS Arinjay for rescue operation. With the help of Dornier patrol aircraft and an advanced light helicopter started searching in Indian waters.


This Is How Indian Coast Guard and Indian Fisherman Responded



The very next day, Pakistani Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa was signing on Kulbhushan Jadhav's execution order. An Indian fishing boat spotted the Pakistani boat and rushed to its rescue. However, out of six men on boat, four were drowned. But they managed to rescue two survivors.



The fishermen contacted the coast guard and handed the Pakistani commandos to them for medical attention.



Indian coast guards searched for those four Pakistani’s too where three were recovered and handed over to the PSMA. Three boats of the PMSA had rounded up seven Indian fishing trawlers near the IMBL. In return, Pakistan released all 62 fishermen that they had rounded up.

Indian coast guard helped in saving two Pakistani lives mid sea even after knowing that Indian navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav was given death sentence. Just see the mindset difference between India and Pakistan.

If you see others with hatred, you will see only hatred. But if you see others with love, you will see only love. It’s all about perception. It’s time to think for Pakistani’s to stop hatred and start loving. After all, no one is permanent in this world.

Couple of days before Rishi Kapoor gave an statement in twitter and Pakistani girl has used abusive language in it and now this example set by India.

India never holds any grudges. It's first priority is always to help others. I am proud to be an Indian. Don’t you?

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