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This Man’s Heart Wrenching Story Is The Best Thing You Will Read Today



It is so easy to talk about helping others but it’s very difficult to implement. It needs a great heart to help others. Taking care of blood relation is not a great thing but having concern about others who are no way related to you is something unexplainable.

This man, Bechan Miya does the same thing. The people like Bechan Miya who is from Dharan, city of Nepal are very rare in this world and I am sure because of such good people, the world still exists.


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This heart wrenching story started 11 years back.

One day, he saw a bus accident in the highway where a six months old baby got stuck. Unfortunately, the baby mother died in the accident.

He asked in and around people, the survivors about the baby. But no one responded.

Having a great heart, he couldn’t abandon the baby on the road. So, he took the baby to his home and raised him with so much of love and care. He treated the baby like his own son.

11 years passed on…

Time is not in our control. Something unusual happened.

The father of the baby came to know that baby was survived. He came to his man to take his baby.

What Bechan Miya said wrenches your heart.

He said, “I am happy that my son and his father re-unite”

The father said, “Thank you for taking care of my son for so many years. Let me repay you. I will compensate you for all you have spent on him.”

But Bechan Miya responded in a very modest way.

“Look sir, I am glad you two are re-united and now if I die I will die in peace. But I cannot take anything from you, because he has become my son too. I just wish you take care of him now. And for me, that will be enough.”

I don’t know how that father felt but it wrenched my heart. He is the real human being. When we get detached from our loved ones all of a sudden, it gives so much of grief.

Bechan Miya couldn’t sleep well that whole night.

The story of Bechan Miya restores one’s faith in humanity. Hope this kind of humanity will continue to exist in this world. 


Father Son relation is precious. Do think again before spoiling. How you felt after reading this story and watching that video? Share us in the comments.


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